Levar “Slasher” Stoney as Secretary of the Commonwealth?


News is rolling in about Terry McAuliffe’s cabinet picks. At least one of them, however, is bound to raise a few eyebrows:

Longtime McAuliffe aide and deputy campaign manager Levar Stoney was named Secretary of the Commonwealth.

Stoney a former executive director of the Virginia Democratic Party, had worked for state Sen. R. Creigh Deeds, D-Bath in his failed 2009 gubernatorial bid.

Let’s fill out a detail or two Olympia left out of her profile of Mr. Stoney:

Levar Stoney, the deputy campaign manager for Terry McAuliffe’s campaign, admitted in 2006 that he lied to Milwaukee County interrogators to protect a handful of Democratic operatives who were later convicted of slashing the tires of Wisconsin Republican Party vans on Election Day.

“I wasn’t going to try and get my friends, my colleagues, in trouble. Nor was I going to get the Democratic Party in trouble as well,” Stoney, then a Democratic Party get-out-the-vote organizer in Wisconsin, told a Milwaukee County court.

So he lied to the cops and went on to greater glories…like working at that hopeless electric car company, GreenTech:

Stoney’s work with McAuliffe goes beyond the realm of Virginia Democratic politics. He was until December the director of public and government affairs for GreenTech Automotive, the hybrid and electric vehicle company that boasts McAuliffe as its chairman.

And what a bang-up job he did there. We can only wonder whether Stoney, as government affairs director, had any hand in or knowledge of the emails McAuliffe sent to various Department of Homeland Security officials over EB-5 visa approvals.

We may never know — unless someone in the General Assembly decides to press Stoney for information on that matter. And maybe a couple of questions about Stoney’s Wisconsin escapades are worth asking, too.

  • isophoroneblog

    So this position requires confirmation by the State Senate?

  • WJTH

    But will they do anything…?

    • Constitutional Reset from VA i

      Lawful that is ?

  • Turbocohen

    I want an 8×10 glossy of this cabinet.

  • AWCheney

    This is only the beginning. Just as the Federal Government has had it’s most corrupt Executive Branch in history, now Virginia can shortly claim the same thing when the most corrupt Chief Executive in its history takes over. It shouldn’t take long.

  • Johnathon Hamilton

    To the victor goes the spoils. Get over it!

    • midwestconservative

      The Spoils System was supposed to have been done away with back in the 1800s. And Democrats accuse us of living in the past.

      • Johnathon Hamilton

        Stop pouting–the new Governor gets his pics–just like Kenny would have made his picks from the tea party tyrants. But alas the voters of VA knew better!

        • midwestconservative

          Ken probably would have continued the current Sec. of the Commonwealth, who’s done a very good job. AKA he’d decide his pick based on merit.
          Sorry if that’s too medieval of a concept for you.

        • midwestconservative

          Also this person has to make it past the State Senate. going to be tough after Northam’s seat goes to Coleman.

    • Norvell Rose

      Where? In a corrupt feudal system ala Game of Thrones? Sheesh!

  • Not Harry F. Byrd

    A significant downgrade from Janet Kelly, who was a class act in every way.

  • Just had this one marked for follow-up. Confirmed in the House 97-0, Confirmed in the Senate 40-0.

    So that happened…

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