WoW – dispatch from the real War on Women

Everywhere I turn, I find Virginians who are fed up with the war on women meme.

They are asking questions like, if regulations on abortion clinics represent a war on women, then what should we call it when a woman is arrested for driving her sick dad to get medical help?

McAuliffe has said he won’t compromise when it comes to protecting abortion suppliers from regulation, even claiming he’ll invent a “guidance opinion” nullifying Virginia law. By contrast, as Teiro Cuccinelli has shared, her husband has done more to protect Virginia women than Terry ever has.

Need a quick summary?

war on women visually explained
war on women visually explained

Preventing Gosnell-like doctors from harming women is PRO-woman.

Preventing women from getting an education, voting, or even driving a car is ANTI-woman.

Got it?

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  • Doug Brown

    Ken has shown real leadership in his campaign to combat human trafficking of women and children, ahead of many leaders, even the Pope.

    Meanwhile as Terry’s wife is left in the car, Terry seems to be more ambivalent about human trafficking, especially if the traffickers throw him a few bucks, well more than a few, on their way into the country.

  • WorriedinVA

    Poor, poor, typically poor messaging by republicans will make this issue a negative for Ken. I could have run his campaign better than the guys he hired – and for a lot less money. Really inexcusable for a smart candidate.

  • JayD

    Wait, did you just reference Saudi Arabian law to prove VA Republicans are “not that bad” for women? Just checking.

    • DJRippert

      I thought that was odd too. Until I read an article where mega-lib John Kerry said that the decision as to whether women should be able to drive is ‘best left to Saudi Arabia”. Seriously? Our weak kneed, awful Secretary of State can’t summon the gumption to say that the United States believes in the equality of women and men and that women should be allowed to drive? What a gutless wonder.

      • MD Russ

        Ever been to Saudi Arabia? I have. The men are dangerous enough, as witnessed by the common western expression of “more dangerous than a Saudi in an Audi.” The Saudis come from 29 separate tribes and are notoriously in-bred (kind of like West Virginia), causing most of them to have terrible eyesight. But they won’t wear glasses for some reason. The only way a Saudi woman could be more of a terror behind the wheel would be to hand her a cell phone to text on. (VBG)

  • This is one of the stupidest Eve Gleason articles yet and that’s saying a lot. I’m actually glad that she never comes back to defend what she writes.

    • Doug Brown

      Does that make her a defenseless woman? Tough guy 🙂

      • Well played. 😀 “We’re better than Saudi Arabia” is going to be a Eve Gleason albatross for a long time.

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