WoW – dispatch from the real War on Women

Everywhere I turn, I find Virginians who are fed up with the war on women meme.

They are asking questions like, if regulations on abortion clinics represent a war on women, then what should we call it when a woman is arrested for driving her sick dad to get medical help?

McAuliffe has said he won’t compromise when it comes to protecting abortion suppliers from regulation, even claiming he’ll invent a “guidance opinion” nullifying Virginia law. By contrast, as Teiro Cuccinelli has shared, her husband has done more to protect Virginia women than Terry ever has.

Need a quick summary?

war on women visually explained
war on women visually explained

Preventing Gosnell-like doctors from harming women is PRO-woman.

Preventing women from getting an education, voting, or even driving a car is ANTI-woman.

Got it?

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