Roanoke Times endorses Mark Obenshain

Mark Obenshain got an endorsement today from a very unexpected source: the Roanoke Times.

Wow. So what was this otherwise reliably left-of-center paper’s reasoning? Essentially, because he won’t be like Ken Cuccinelli:

Given his reserved, mild-mannered personality, we are comfortable concluding that Obenshain would take a less flamboyant, more workmanlike approach to the office, in contrast to Cuccinelli. If Obenshain is elected, he must also show an ability to grow past his personal limitations. We acknowledge that his religious beliefs are sincere, but as a statewide official he must represent the commonwealth, not a sectarian segment of the population.

It’s obvious the paper was pained to make this endorsement, and they tried to work through that pain by taking swings both at Mark and the incumbent, Ken Cuccinelli.

All that pettiness aside, this is a genuine blow to Democrat Mark Herring, who even at this late date, still appears confused as to what the commonwealth’s attorney general actual does.

The last statewide Republican I can recall the RT endorsing was Jerry Kilgore back in 2001.

  • midwestconservative

    Does the RT realize that most Virginians claim to follow at least some religion?

  • Alexis Rose Bank

    Obenshain is a standup guy who actually does listen to the concerns of regular people who don’t happen to have a big donation check in their hand. As such, he earned my vote.

  • Alex70

    Well…I guess this is an endorsement. But I’ve never read an endorsement quite like this one, Mr. Leahy.

    It’s predicated on the pipe dream that Mr. Obenshain will cease being Mr. Obenshain—that he will become the
    moderate he claims to be after having shaken up his Etch A Sketch and expunged his reactionary political history.

    “The causes the Republican has chosen to champion have often been disappointing,” The Times concedes. “He supported legislation requiring women to have ultrasound procedures before obtaining an abortion and co-sponsored failed legislation that would have granted a ‘right to enjoyment of life’ at fertilization. He also opposed Gov. Bob McDonnell’s transportation funding legislation despite its obvious economic value for the state.”

    Mr. Obenshain “vows,” “promises,” and “pledges”—however–to transform himself into a moderate and demonstrate that he no longer is “merely following the [ultraconservative and extremist] pack.”

    Mark Herring is mentioned only once, and the Times cites none of his political history and none of his
    platform. It provides no reason whatsoever as to why voters should not cast their ballots for Mr. Herring.

    I caution the credulous Times editorial staff that past performance is the best predictor of future behavior.

    Do you disagree with my analysis of the endorsement?

    Alex Leidholdt

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