Mark Warner on Obamacare and taking away the plan you already have

Our story begins with the NBC report that the President fibbed when he promised that if you liked your current health care plan you could keep it.

Not so, as millions of folks are finding out.

But Mr. Obama wasn’t the only one who knew it was a first order fib. Other Democrats did, too. But not many of them went so far as Virginia’s own Sen. Mark Warner, who went straight to video:

“I’m not going to support a healthcare reform plan that’s going to take away the healthcare you’ve got right now or a healthcare plan that you like.”

But he did.

We’ll see how long that particular video stays on YouTube.

Until then, we can get a little laugh out of this unfolding disaster:

  • Warmac9999

    He is the typical socialist democrat. The end justifies the means. Obamacare is bad law and bad policy but you can bet warner and Kaine will go down with it regardless of how bad.

  • Catherine Stone McNickle

    Listen to the praying mantis!

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  • midwestconservative

    Its all fun and games until someone gets hurt, so go ahead and laugh but when your premiums go up or your health plan is dropped I doubt you’ll still be laughing.

    • Roger Schweikert

      This is one reason, each state legislature needs to pass a “Legislative Negligence Act” that in part holds every member of Congress and the President and even the members of the Supreme Court personally liable for supporting legislation that results in our suffering particular financial loses due to such nefarious legislation. Such an act should also be written and passed to preclude the continued “services” of any elected official who fails to pass a (biennial) budget. Do not collect your paycheck, your health care, or any retirement benefits, as the door closes on your way out of office, and precludes you forever from ever running again or being appointed to any other federal, state, or local government position.

  • JBluen

    Hopefully Warner will lose his job over this piece of garbage law. I just got my notice that my insurance policy is being cancelled because it doesn’t “comply” with Obamacare. What about grandfathering, Senator? Oh, that’s right. You gave King Barack the authority to render grandfathering void. Thanks so much, and thanks too for the 60% premium increase. Jerk.

    • Warmac9999

      But for every one of you that got tricked, there are ten who just got another freebie via a subsidy. This is the democrat party of today spreading the misery of Marxist ideas and undermining those who make the nation prosperous. Why anyone who works for a living votes democrat is beyond me and why anyone votes for the RINOs like McCain is likewise beyond me.

      • midwestconservative

        I’m pretty sure your wrong about that. I think this time next year fewer people will be getting benefits from this Law then those who are being harmed.
        That being said I don’t see Warner getting beat.

    • Roger Schweikert

      Cuccinelli for Senate in 2014?

  • JBluen

    Oh, I nearly forgot. McAuliffe is still insisting Obamacare is TEH AWESOME!!1 If Virginians had any sense at all, Cuccinelli would winning at a walk.

  • Brad Froman

    Funny how Mark Warner won’t support a law that takes away our healthcare plan if we like it…now that people are rebelling and getting hammered. He certainly voted for it and has supported it from the inception through all of Obama’s and Congress’ lies saying that it wouldn’t. Remember, too, that it was going to save the average family $2,500 annually. Ha!

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  • Biz Ms

    Wasn’t Mark Warner also an enthusiastic supporter of the Cornhusker Kickback? That’s what I seem to remember.

    The video was attracting some angry responses and I noticed that Warner’s office disabled comments on Friday. I guess they don’t have much interest in what the taxpayers think of their health care law.

  • Roger Schweikert

    How can any law such as this be constitutional when it is clearly NOT “UNIFORM” as the constitution requires in its application, grandfathering of old insurance plans, extended exemptions, or unevenly enforced multitude of regulations on top of Medicare and Medicaid plans that already underpay doctors and hospitals and now wants to pay them even less and yet at the same time require them to do even more paper work and less patient care? The House of Representatives need to vote immediately to repeal the sixteenth Amendment and eliminate the IRS.

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