WaPo poll: McAuliffe +12, Northam +13, Herring +3

The Washington Post’s most recent poll of the Virginia governor’s race shows Terry McAuliffe ahead of Ken Cuccinelli 51-39, with Robert Sarvis puling eight percent.

The full poll results can be viewed here, where we find yet another indication that Sarvis is not the GOP spoiler some insist he is:

Sarvis question

Yes folks, take Sarvis out of the equation and McAuliffe still wins this race.

And to pick on the theme Scott Lee and I explored on the radio show last weekend, McAuliffe’s supporters really do dislike Ken Cuccinelli. Only 34 percent of McAuliffe’s supporters are voting for him. Fully 64 percent of McAuliffe’s backers are voting against Ken Cuccinelli. Conversely, 50 percent of Cuccinelli’s backers are voting for him, while 44 percent say they are voting against McAuliffe.

To say that McAuliffe’s millions in attack ads have been successful is an understatement. They have brought out the hate against Ken Cuccinelli. But these same numbers show that McAuliffe has done little to generate support for himself. That could be his eventual undoing.

The poll also shows Democrat Ralph Northam with a double-digit lead over E.W. Jackson — 52-39 and Democrat Mark Herring with a 49-46 lead over Mark Obenshain — within the poll’s 4.5 point margin of error.

Lots to chew on in these numbers…