McAuliffe’s Gaffe: “I Don’t Care What Grade I Got From The NRA”


Short version this evening?

Ken Cuccinelli demolished Terry McAuliffe.  We’re talking as high as 2:1 margins in informal polling on WDBJ-7 and here on Bearing Drift.  Cucccinelli had three golden moments, two where the punches connected and one where McAuliffe bizarrely punched himself in the face.

1:  “ALL PUPPY, NO PLAN.”   Cuccinelli took direct aim at McAuliffe at a number of points for being all platitudes and no substance, at one time comparing McAuliffe’s approach to bringing home a puppy without having the first idea of how to take care of the poor animal.  Cuccinelli was off the cuff, and it was the only moment in the entire debate where the crowd audibly laughed.  Great line…

2:  Moderator castigating McAuliffe for not answering the questions.  Early.  Way to go.

3.  “I Don’t Care What Grade I Got From The NRA.”  Very soon, ladies and gentlemen, there will be a clip on this portion of the debate… because the question was concerning the option of teachers and administrators to carry firearms on school property, a question McAuliffe immediately translated into college campuses and college carry and so forth… where McAuliffe wandered into the Virginia Tech shootings six years ago, more platitudes, and then let loose on his opinion on gun control and background checks… including this line.

It was unmistakable what McAuliffe was telling the crowd.  McAuliffe didn’t care about the Second Amendment.  He would do everything he could to pursue gun control.

Bloomberg’s money was well spent in Virginia, so it seems.

Keep this in mind folks.  No Democratic candidate for governor has ever won on a platform that has embraced the national Democratic position on the Second Amendment.

Mark Warner had to cave on firearms.
Tim Kaine had to cave on firearms.
Creigh Deeds had to cave on firearms.

Terry McAuliffe intends to use Virginia as a platform to show the rest of blue America how he can use Washington-style politics to radically change Virginia’s laws and traditions.  “I don’t care what grade I got from the NRA” was an unmistakable middle finger to 2A supporters everywhere… and this in the birthplace of Patrick Henry and the Gunpowder Incident, folks.

We’ve seen this inane posturing from Democrats in Virginia before, haven’t we?


Anyone willing to tell these jokers we’ve had enough?