The Most Important Election

It’s ubiquitous. Every year we hear that this is the most important election of our lifetimes.

And it is.

Maybe we wish it weren’t. We may wish a lot of things:

  • That our neighbors were grateful that we fight for their liberties, instead of annoyed when we ask them to take time and vote.
  • That our candidates perfectly agreed with us in principle on every matter.
  • That our elected officials agreed with us on every point about how to translate principles into policy.
  • That the year would come when we could declare victory, and leave the fight behind.
  • Here is the cold, hard truth:
    Ronald Reagan was right: Freedom is never more than one generation from extinction.

    And because that is true, it is also true that each election is a vital battle in the fight for the preservation of our liberty.

    For Virginians, this quadrennial campaign holds special significance. Three statewide leaders are chosen. They will set state policy for four years and influence their political party far longer.

    Never in the history of my involvement have the Republican and Democratic nominees for all three offices presented such a contrast in policy, perspectives, and personal style.

    This is a conservative, liberty-minded ticket. Each of the Republican nominees:

  • will fight the encroaching federal government – whether we are talking the EPA, Obamacare, or something they haven’t yet dreamed up.
  • know small businesses need freedom to create jobs – when business owners worry about hitting a regulatory ceiling, job growth is stifled.
  • understands the importance of ensuring that government is limited in scope and efficient in fulfilling essential functions.
  • support restraining spending and lowering tax rates overall.
  • is deeply committed to protecting the most vulnerable in our society, the pre-born, as well as those with mental illnesses and developmental disabilities, who, through no fault of their own, cannot care for themselves.
  • support expanding educational choice to ensure that Virginia’s young people are equipped to be the leaders of tomorrow.
  • will defend our 2nd amendment freedoms and fight attempts to create a national firearms registry.
  • will keep Virginia business-friendly and competitive for years to come. Think $700 back in your family’s budget after all that Obamacare is taking out. Think keeping energy costs competitive vs. enacting anti-coal mandates that drive your bill sky high.
  • Cuccinelli and Obenshain have long-term records that demonstrate their consistency on these issues. Jackson, while no politician, has an excellent grasp of first principles and a sharp legal mind, which equip him to handle the details of the office he is seeking.

    And, they can win. While some pre-election polls are designed to discourage the Republican base, the fact is that when turnout is factored in, this election is likely within the margin of error for all races, except Attorney General, where Obenshain is running quite strongly.

    This campaign is only the latest match-up between government expansionists on the left and limited government, liberty-minded conservatives on the right. But rarely do we get a race where the contrast between the candidates is so clear. Virginians have a choice between competing visions for our Commonwealth. Obama-football

    One team will have the public policy ball in Virginia for four years. Which one depends on the outcome of the election. Which direction will the ball move? What will Virginia look like if McAuliffe is carrying the ball? Oh, there will be another important election, another fight, four years from now – but how much ground will have been lost in the meantime?

    It’s really up to us.

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