Cuccinelli moves to put Williams behind him

It should have happened months ago, but the Cuccinelli campaign finally comes to its senses on the Jonnie Williams mess:

After taking weeks of criticism for his connections to the Star-Scientific scandal, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) will donate $18,000 to an unspecified charity. That dollar figure is equal to the value of the personal gifts Cuccinelli received from company CEO Jonnie Williams.


Cuccinelli’s dogged refusal (and weak excuses) for not doing something like this a long time ago blunted his campaign’s relentless assault on Terry McAuliffe’s incredibly shady past. He will take a hit for writing the check, and the other side will dismiss it entirely. But it happens every time a politician is forced to atone for a sleazy donor (go ask Hillary Clinton about how that works. Or Tim Kaine).

Cut the check and move on.

Here’s the campaign’s press release. A video, featuring the candidate himself:

Exactly the right tone to take.