McAuliffe Lies On Education (Again)


This man is pure sleaze when it comes to manufactured numbers — doesn’t matter if it’s Greentech, Global Crossing (making McAuliffe the poor man’s Bernie Madoff), or anything remotely passing as common sense when it comes to Virginia’s education system:

Meeting with education students at Old Dominion University, McAuliffe said Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s proposed $1.4 billion income-tax cut would necessitate an annual reduction of at least $525 million in state education funding, leading to layoffs of more than 8,000 teachers.

For Norfolk schools, McAuliffe said, that translates into a budget cut of more than $16 million and more than 250 teacher layoffs.

Slight problem.

Terry doesn’t know that.

Additional slight problem?  The Virginia tax revenues, in case Terry’s handlers want to pass along a talking point, have grown by $1.5 billion from 2009-2012.

So when he plays this card on Virginia’s future educators, you have to wonder… does McAuliffe really think Virginia Democrats are stupid?  Gullible?  I’m sorry, but were I in the teaching profession, I’d be absolutely offended that my intelligence was considered in such a dim light by this lobbyist-turned-political hack.

Want to know what’s really going to impact state education contributions?

  • Meeting the state mandates for Medicare
  • Replenishing the Virginia Retirement Service
  • Choking off future economic development by playing in crony politics as McAuliffe is apt to do
  • Refusing to fix Viriginia’s taxation methods to reflect a 21st century economy
  • Hiding under a bucket while refusing to fix Virginia’s education system to make it more pro-educator and less pro-bureaucrat

Now tell me, gentle reader — on which of these topics do you believe McAuliffe has even a scintilla of knowledge?

He doesn’t.  McAuliffe is a fraud.  Which is why when he tries to speak on topics such as education, McAuliffe is either ignorant or intentionally deceiving folks.

Shame on him.

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