What Democrats Are Hyperventilating About Today

In today’s edition of “What Rolls Your Socks Up And Down” we find Ken Cuccinelli making a logical, persuasive, and rational argument about health care and how it costs — you know — money to fund such a system, and that a market based system is infinitely more preferable to a system where the government provides regardless of the cost.  The old “if you want to know how expensive health care is, wait until it’s free” discussion.

Who hyperventilates about this?  The crazy kids at Mary Washington College… for it will never truly be a university so long as this substitutes for critical thought:

Want the Cliff Notes?  Pretty much, Cuccinelli argues that we can’t just provide “free health care” and not worry about the costs.

The response from these scholars students agitators kids?  “But people will DIE!?!?!onoz!!”

Hope the parents of Mary Washington students are proud to see the product of their tuition… because yes indeed, this is what passes for critical thought.

Of course, missed in the opportunity to score political points was an actual conversation, which one can easily tell from the cut-and-paste video job was not the point of this particular forum (and most certainly not the goal of certain folks in the crowd).  Useful idiots abound.

For a condensed version of what Cuccinelli might have shared with these grasshoppers…

Is anyone truly surprised that a generation trained to expect that college should be free, health care should be free, credit should be consumed and then blamed on the lender, and that the definition of production is to shuffle form 4359 to office 23 would find its loudest voices trained to agitate rather than understand?  To condemn rather than converse?

The very question “who pays?” seems to fall on deaf ears.  The creatures of appetite are overrunning those who employ reason.  Education is supposed to train proper minds, not hone the appetites.  If this is even remotely reflective of the best Mary Washington has to offer, parents might want to reconsider precisely what sort of school trades and polishes such nonsense as honest debate and discussion.