Bert Mizusawa Is A Walking Tom Clancy Novel


…and the guy is a leader par excellence.  Want to get a glimpse of the guy’s character?

Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for Reserve Matters, suggests that a good leader must be someone who is resilient, adaptable, and prepared for any opportunity.

Mizusawa ran for Congress in the GOP primary in a three-way race against emergent winner Rep. Scott Rigell.  Though he wasn’t victorious, Mizusawa has certainly found other ways to continue serving his country… worth the 11 min of your time to learn some leadership principles that apply universally.  Mizusawa actually talks about his experience running for public office at the 7:50 mark.

Mizusawa’s background is literally a walking Tom Clancy novel.  For those fortunate enough to know the guy (or wondering if there are still heroes in this world), Mizusawa is just a class act.  Glad to see he’s still doing well.