Time to step up our game

small_6972370367I was asked to discuss the negative ad’s that have seemingly defined this year’s Virginia gubernatorial race to-date. Now, while my first reaction was to point out that we would be comparing fact-based ads regarding REAL investigations into improprieties (at least) in the operation of Green Tech automotive to “boogieman-under-the-bed” ads that misrepresent the UVA/Michael Mann case and “reproductive rights” (BTW; One of these days I’d like to discuss “reproductive responsibility”, but I digress…).

I decided to look further into it. What I found was a curious similarity between the RPV and DPV’s predicament; they are both struggling with significant segments of their party membership that do not support their candidate. The key difference is that no Democrat has started their version of the “Virginia Mainstream Project” (But couldn’t you see Creigh Deeds doing it, though?), they’ve just stayed quiet. So, it seems that as of now there are enough Bolling-ites teaming with the hard-core Dem’s in the “anyone-but-Ken” campaign to outnumber all of the Democrat’s (75% by the primary 4 years ago) who say “anyone-but-Terry.”

This is where I have to send the riders out across the Piedmont to rally my TEA Party brothers’ and sisters. We took the old guard by storm at the RPV Convention in Richmond but now we see the effects of mass defections from the long-time party members from the most important posts in this battle; the volunteers for the local units.

Whether they had hitched their wagon’s to Bill Bolling’s future or just felt like the party should have honored the back room promise Bob and the RPV made to Bill (without regard to what the citizens’ might think, BTW) for ‘his turn’, there is a crisis across the Commonwealth of units struggling to find help for all the heavy lifting involved in winning a campaign; door-knocking, phone-banking, envelope-stuffing, etc.

Without help, get used to saying Governor McAuliffe and start watching the till. CLICK HERE; (http://www.rpv.org/) if you don’t know who to contact in your area (there is a pull down menu) and join up and the secondary impact will mean more TEA party members in RPV units and that can’t be a bad thing.

Sic simper tyrannis, and thanks for all the fish!


photo credit: Peter E. Lee via photopin cc

  • Mr. Green Jeans

    So, basically, you are saying the election sits in the hands of the tea party. The same individuals that pushed for a convention; that are ill informed; intolerant; and hold views that the majority of average Americans do not, and will not, ever share. How COMFORTING. Ken will win for sure!

    • Eric McGrane

      I remember way, WAAAAY back when conventions were cool. You know…when Bolling was elected to his current position.

      That was SOOOOOO friggin long ago.

      MAN I’m nostalgic right now.

      • They weren’t cool then, either.

        • Eric McGrane

          its WEIRD that I don’t remember seeing the same kind of wailing about it that I see now. But this has been beaten to death, so little value in rehashing.

    • Joe Thomas

      What part of “Taxed-Enough-Already” is ill-informed? Beyond that, it is only intolerant of the “Government-Is-Answer” mindset held by career pol’s and the pilot fish that swim along side of them.

    • George Ramos


      As I mentioned above, there’s absolutely nothing radical about defending life, liberty, and the pursuit of wisdom and virtue.

      • Eric McGrane

        George, the problem is that you haven’t “progressed” to the current republican party’s positions on the issues, and that you are stuck in the tired of GOP creed of the past.

        Those old republican ideas like fiscal restraint, Constitutional adherence, and limited government are so gauche now. And radical. Radically gauche. And stuff. Gauchally Intolerancey?

        • George Ramos

          I guess. It’s certainly true that we continue to allow ourselves to be defined by our self-proclaimed “progressive” adversaries.

  • John Harvie

    Your phrase :”We took the old guard by storm at the RPV Convention in Richmond ” says it all. Radicalism whether on the left or right usually loses out when main-stream members of either side cannot any longer hold their collective noses and “just go along”. It will be interesting to see the percentage on each side that simply elect to sit this one out.

    • Eric McGrane

      Radical radicals acting like extremists who are dangerous and extreme, acting in extremely radical and extreme ways.


      Hey, anyone seen my rolex? I left it around here SOMEWHERE.

    • George Ramos

      There’s nothing radical about defending life, liberty, and the pursuit of wisdom and virtue.

      • Turbocohen

        But its a recipe to lose when voters on the fence in the center only want to hear about policy.

        • George Ramos

          I certainly agree that we don’t do a good enough job of explaining the benefits of policies that promote life, liberty, and the pursuit of wisdom and virtue.

          It’s just not enough to say that one supports lower taxes and smaller government – the concrete benefits must be concisely laid out and hammered home over and over and over again.

    • Turbocohen

      When did conservatism get sidelined? What The Fu@# is mainstream conservatism in your eyes?

  • Regardless of whether you agree with Joe’s take here, the facts are simple: this will be a turnout election. Ken is going to win Republicans and he’s going to win independents (barely) but if more Democrats show up to the polls, he’s going to lose.

    Regardless of how you feel about Ken, the last thing we need is four years of the Macker. If you think what McDonnell’s done has been bad, just wait until Terry gets elected.

    Republicans of all stripes, from moderates like me to your hardest hard core Tea Party member, need to make sure we get out to vote on election day. Period.

    • Turbocohen

      Cross out Terry McAuliffe and paste Hillary Clinton on the same place.. This is Ken Cuccinelli vs Hillary Clinton by proxy.

  • Turbocohen

    So, the “Bollingites” are merely the progressives whose ancestors left their party during the Carter era and imposed their will on republicans. If they are so turned off by a real conservative like Ken and are so “offended” that they will go back to their ancestral roots, let them go. Bye Bye.. See ya. Must not let a real conservative win ey rino’s?

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