Terry McAuliffe Stands with Late-Term Abortion


Terry McAuliffe is bringing his radical pro-abortion agenda to a whole new level.

McAuliffe is joining forces with the standard-bearer for late-term abortion (i.e. the killing of a viable baby), Wendy Davis, literally fundraising off the brutal destruction of human life and endangering women (though it’s not the first time).

Davis is the pro-abortion legislator who inspired a mob to literally shut down the Texas legislature earlier this year in order to prevent a bill from passing that would ban late-term abortions and ensure that abortion clinics abide under reasonable health standards.

Now, she is joining forces with McAuliffe to bring her radical agenda to Virginia.  This weekend, she sent an email on behalf of McAuliffe attacking Ken Cuccinelli for supporting laws that require abortion clinics to abide by even the most basic health standards.

The Virginia law she attacks in her email prevents a Kermit Gosnell from ever preying on women in Virginia or committing his abhorrent form of late-term abortions here.  Gosnell is directly responsible for the death of a Virginia woman who sought an abortion in the unsafe conditions of Gosnell’s clinic in Pennsylvania.  Virginia law would have prevented Gosnell from committing his heinous acts in those abysmal conditions.  Yet, Gosnell was allowed to operate his clinic.  As a result, this Virginia woman and her baby died.  Neither had to, and in Virginia, undoubtedly, neither would have.

Yet, Davis and McAuliffe call the law that prevents those same dangerous conditions in Virginia “medically unnecessary regulations.”

Davis and McAuliffe are seeking to usher in a regulatory system (or lack thereof) in Virginia that would invite Gosnells to prey on women and babies with impunity – abortions up until or even after birth and no safety requirements in clinics.  That is a War on Women.

Democrats have gone all-in for abortion running a pro-abortion triumvirate in Virginia (Mark Herring earlier this year placed access to abortion as one of the top three issues facing Virginia).

Davis is the hero of the most radical fringes of the “pro-choice” community, where the only choice is more abortion, no matter the cost.

Davis and McAuliffe can seek to recast what happened in Texas as an “attempt to limit women’s access to health care,” but it was a bill to limit abortion after 20 weeks and ensure abortion clinics operate under basic safety standards.  They can call the unlawful shutdown of the Texas legislature a “people’s filibuster,” but it was an unruly mob shouting “hail satan.”  They can ignore the horror of Gosnell, but Virginia law and Attorney General Cuccinelli are standing on the side of life and women’s safety.

If that’s the kind of Virginia McAuliffe wants to usher in, I’m sure the voters of Virginia will reject it.  McAuliffe has no answers to jobs and is avoiding questions about federal investigations of his failing businesses; in desperation he turns to the politics of the abortion distortion.

There’s one thing Davis wrote that’s unquestionably true, “What happens in Virginia doesn’t stay in Virginia.”  If we allow ourselves to be duped by this slight of hand, it is going to have far-reaching effects.


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  • I’d expect an article like this in the Bizarro World version of Blue Virginia.

  • BrianKirwin

    Do abortions supporters wish their mothers had one?

  • Gicarmo Alysimcarli

    Today’s liberalism is impelled by the same death force as its marxist, socialist, and communist ancestors.

  • Dan

    I’m pretty sure Kermit Gosnell’s actions violated the law in every single state. I’m not sure why pro-lifers always cite that case.

  • David Obermark

    I am just wondering if when it comes to abortion we must continue to swear an oath to either one extremist side or the other or if there is room for compromise?

    As a Blue Dog Democrat, I think there is room for compromise. Anyone willing to follow the compromise on the Republican side would be described as a RINO.

    As a Blue Dog Democrat, I might be willing to vote for the Republican willing to lead towards reasonable compromise on this issue. I suspect I am going to turn blue waiting, just give out my breath and once again siding withe NARAL as the lesser of two evils. Them darn Republicans want to outlaw birth control.

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