“Not every bagman is meant to be a prince”

With apologies to Brian

Bloomberg’s Francis Wilkinson has this piece regarding Hillary Clinton and her very, very likely run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016. Wilkinson pleads with Secretary Clinton to “spare us the sleaze,” the most high-profile example of which is Terry McAuliffe. One can debate whether Mrs. Clinton has such powers. But it is the way in which Wilkinson describes McAuliffe that bears special mention:

Terry McAuliffe, the huckster who managed to do well by doing Clinton, is running for governor of Virginia. Not every bagman is meant to be a prince. Bebe Rebozo, Nixon’s floating bank, never ran for governor of Florida — he managed to be content with a yacht and a solicitous friend in the White House. Can’t McAuliffe be satisfied with his connections and the riches he has strip-mined from them?

And this from a piece favorable to Clinton.

But it also gives me a new way to look at Terry McAuliffe…

Bebe Rebozo

Bebe…Terry. Hmmm.

  • If you really want some fun stuff about Terry, go read Marki Leibovich’s “This Town” – there are more than a few “Terry being Terry” stories in there.

  • isophoroneblog

    In ancient Mesopotamia they used to say “It’s just my old bag, Dad!” (Baghdad)


  • Warmac9999

    Let us not underestimate this individual. Concerns about morals and ethics are not exactly the strong suit of people who frequent the Clinton and Obama social and political spheres.

  • Mr. Green Jeans

    Nixon had a deep relationship with Bebe. Deep, throbbing…

    • Carl Tate

      Classy. SMDH

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