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SEC investigating GreenTech

McAuliffe wooh [1]

GreenTech, the electric car company Terry McAuliffe quietly walked away from at the end of 2012, is now under investigation [2] by the Securities and Exchange Commission…

…over its conduct in soliciting foreign investors, according to law-enforcement documents and company officials.

The SEC subpoenaed documents in May from GreenTech Automotive and bank records from a sister company, Gulf Coast Funds Management of McLean. The investigation is focused, at least in part, on alleged claims that the company “guarantees returns” to the investors, according to government documents.

And that’s not all:

Aside from the SEC investigation, the newly obtained documents also show greater communication between McAuliffe, Rodham and DHS officials than was previously known, as well as concern over a potential GreenTech investor tied to a Chinese firm that has raised national security concerns.

The documents counter the impression left last week by a top U.S. immigration official, Alejandro Mayorkas, who testified in front of a Senate panel that he met with McAuliffe on one occasion “and that was the extent of the interaction.”

The documents show that Mayorkas and other senior DHS officials had a dozen e-mail and telephone contacts with McAuliffe, Rodham and other representatives for GreenTech and Gulf Coast.

The hits just keep on coming and as they do, the job-creator/entrepreneur imagine McAuliffe has tried to cultivate in this campaign turns increasingly sour.

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