Now *THIS* Is How You Blow Your Credibility

Poor Bob McDonnell.  You know what his problem is?  It’s not that he took some arguably questionable gifts/loans or what have you… no, no, no.

It’s that the poor Governor of Virginia doesn’t make enough money, according to Business Insider’s Josh Barro:

The Governor of Virginia makes $175,000 a year, and that is, in some sense, a lot of money. It’s about three times the median household income in the state. It’s plenty of money to live a nice lifestyle on.

But it’s not nearly enough money to match the lifestyle of the sort of people you become surrounded by when you are a powerful political leader. And while some people have the ability to make peace with that (Pope Francis comes to mind), many don’t.


So let me get this straight: the best way to ensure that politicians making six-figures don’t take gifts and loans and other questionable items is to throw more money at them?

Somehow, papering over moral hazards by throwing money at them seems a tad bit… I dunno… suspect….

UPDATE:  …and just in case you were worried about how our poor chief executive ever gets by, Virginia’s governor ranks as the 4th highest paid in the nation.

As mentioned in the comments, the very idea that we have to pay our public officials to keep them honest?


“I’m not saying you have to pay for protection… but bad things happen to good people everyday.  Right, Twitchy?”

Well, pardon us Virginians if we politely disagree with that premise.  It might work in New York, but not here.

  • Samuel Conner

    I can buy the argument that we need to pay elected officials well to attract talented folks. But to have to pay them to be honest? Really? Words fail…

  • williedeutsch

    The 175k is hard to see as a paltry amount, but it does seem delegate and senators are paid way too little for what is basically a full time job these days.

  • Catherine Stone McNickle

    What other money does the Governor or Virginia have at their disposal? It has to be fairly vast. I’d say the $175K is on top of various other budgets that need to be enumerated for the total picture.

  • Earl of Virginia Beach

    Just for comparison, how much do the top 10 state employees make? Can anyone host other top 10 for a dinner at the lake house or even give them a watch?

  • JeannieBinVA

    It’s not just the $175,000 salary.

    They also get to live rent-free in a mansion others would pay $10,000/month minimum to rent. They get all food and sundries consumed at the mansion (not carted away to college dorms, or sent over to backers’ parties and events), free transportation, free security, free utilities and the full range of computer and IT components and services, free servant staff, free chef and kitchen staff, free laundry services, and a whole host of other freebies. PLUS the honor and privilege of occupying THE premier residence in the entire state.

    If that doesn’t already constitute a sufficiently “lavish” lifestyle, there’s something terribly, terribly wrong. (Which, of course, there is.)

  • I could understand this if they were talking about LG, State Senate and Delegate jobs. But the governor’s job is adequately compensated.

  • robertstacymccain
  • Jeanine Martin

    Let’s not forget, he also gets free food and lodging in pretty nice digs.

  • Peter Sperry

    I have been blessed or cursed to work with some fairly wealthy people over the years. Frankly after you pass the 6 figure income mark, the improvements in lifestyle (other than travel) are mostly cosmetic. Nice house, check but so are most upper middle class houses. Fancy car, check but not that much nicer than your average Caddie. Swank hotel suites, check but you sleep just as well in a $200 a night room as a $500 a night room. Rolex, so what, more jewelry than time piece and somewhat gauche to boot.

    Travel is different for the very wealthy. First class is way better than economy and it does not come cheap.

    But other than travel, anyone who cannot be content with a lifestyle affordable on an income of $175,000 a year is chasing glitter and they will never be satisfied.

  • Kathy Mateer

    Why can’t you all could see it from their side? They left an income based on being a lawyer with a wonderful firm they were partners with, in other words, downsized their income to move up in government. They didn’t make as much money on their home they had to sell in VABCH to move to Richmond when they won Attorney General as they wanted to. They bought a home in Glen Allen conducive for an Attorney General of Virginia. The Glen Allen home needed to get up to date beautifying to satisfy the appearance of success while his next step was to run for Governor. That is what we all wanted for him. We all wanted the highest echelon of Government for Bob McDonnell. It is with broken hearts we will not see our highest hopes for him because of an influence over his life.

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