Gee, I Wonder Why They Arrested This Guy?

Just watch.

OK folks — I have never gotten Adam Kokesh.  As in, at all… and yes, I can hear your cries of “statist!” from here… so please, spare me the evil-Nazi-troll routine.

When a guy possesses schedule I and schedule II controlled substances and makes an effort to bring firearms into Washington, D.C. — while at the same time putting out videos like that — it raises some interesting questions… ones that the Herndon SWAT team preferred to ask unannounced.

With a no-knock raid.

…and a battering ram.

…and a stun grenade.  Because that’s how folks say “hi” in Northern Virginia nowadays:

The raid–which a Kokesh roommate says involved a SWAT team knocking in Kokesh’s front door then tossing a flashbang into the foyer–likely resulted from a video that shows Kokesh loading a shotgun in Freedom Square in D.C. on July 4th, in violation of D.C. law (I say “likely” because the U.S. Park Police has yet to confirm the video’s role in Kokesh’s arrest).

Kokesh had originally promised to lead a group of armed gun-owners across the Memorial Bridge from Virginia into D.C. When the Metropolitan Police Department promised to meet him on the D.C. side and arrest anyone violating D.C.’s gun laws, Kokesh backed down. Hence the early morning shotgun-loading video he filmed in Freedom Square. The video, titled, “Open Carry March on DC a Success,” concludes with Kokesh saying, “We are the final American Revolution. See you next Independence Day.”

I really have no clue what the hell this guy is talking about.  What is this “final American Revolution” anyhow?  Sit around and blaze while eating Cheetos around your guns?

I mean… okaaay… if that’s what rolls your socks up and down.


Sorry folks — I really don’t get the drug legalization craze, nor do I have much sympathy when people who surrender their reason demand at the same time the right to possess a weapon — whether that’s a firearm or a baseball bat.

Could someone (without resorting to polemics or snide commentary) calmly and rationally explain this phenomenon to the rest of us?  Because I know I’m not the only guy in America who thinks this is… well, weird.


    I disagree with Kokesh’s actions, but he’s been open and up-front about what he’s doing. Obviously that’s not a trait shared by police departments with no-knock warrants and battering rams.

    Why the disparity?

    • What is he doing? Seriously… I have no idea what he is trying to accomplish. And I mean that with zero snark intended. I really don’t know.

      • AMCIT

        What he’s doing here is (allegedly) carrying and loading a firearm in the District. Illegal, yes. Stupid, yes.

        Sufficient for a no-knock and battering ram? Hardly.

        Kokesh has said “Here I am” – why the need for military tactics?

        • If all he has done and said was in that video, this argument would be more valid.

  • fauquier freedom Boners

    I have heard a lot of similar rhetoric in recent times. I believe he is of the belief that the government is rotten to the core, has some larger agenda that involves the taking away of basic, fundamental rights, and that he and like minded individuals are duty bound to take it back and put it into the control of the people….the same people that already elect the government they profess to hate and distrust.

    Your comment of being labeled a statist is well taken. Any ounce of criticism will result in a personal attack. You are either with them or against them. Because that is what democracy is all about, right?

  • Edward N Virginia

    ACTUALLY, he is not saying anything we haven’t heard relentlessly from the gun radicals that the Virginia Republican legislature have coddled like babies at their legislative teets. Virginia legislators have given away boundless privileges under Virginia law to gun owners and gun hobbyists. They have made a bargain with the devil: giving away boundless privileges to gun owners and gun hobbyists – far beyond the rather limited rights protected as Constitutional by SCOTUS in DC v. Heller. Virginia legislators – primarily Republicans – made their devil’s bargain for purposed of electoral politics, all the while KNOWING that unbounded access to guns and ammunition, and unbounded carrying privileges (anywhere, anytime, etc) would result in more and more gun violence, brutal maiming by guns, and death! After all, the devil is the lord of death! And that is what Virginia Republicans have in the bargain: rising count of brutal maiming and death from guns in Virginia … but the devil being who the devil is, played a filthy trick: the DEAD ARE DEAR WEE CHILDREN! Albemarle County- a young boy shoots and kills his dear wee sister in their home; Chesterfield County – a young boy shoots another young boy in a home; a dear wee boy is brutally shot through the brain and killed in Richmond metro area while enjoying a community July 4th fireworks. And, more and more and more DEATH. The Virginia legislature knew what it was doing in the bargain: power for Republicans, death for Virginians. They likely had not reckoned that the devil would pick the children for brutal DEATH, but that is what usually happens with devil’s bargains. Isn’t it?

    • What?

      • Edward N Virginia

        Dude, it is well explained, in simple English.

        • fauquier freedom Boners

          I thought it was very clear. I haven’t seen so many wees since I watched that documentary on dwarfism.

          • Edward N Virginia

            it is unkind falsely to call wee dead children dwarfs

        • Eric McGrane

          “given away boundless privileges”….

          Yeah, someone fundamentally doesn’t understand how rights work.

          • Edward N Virginia

            PARDON, but SCOTUS in DC v. Heller conveyed a Constitutional right for a private person (not part of a militia, military or law enforcement agency of government) to own guns, for the purposes known to the Founders: to protect self and home, to hunt for food, for recreational/sport shooting. NOT to overthrow the local, state, or federal government. NOT to fire off in crowds (killing the dear wee boy in Richmond metro). NOT to shoot in houses (killing the dear wee girl in Albemarle), etc SCOTUS clearly said that governments could create many legal and Constitutional boundaries outside these common uses purposes known to the Founders.

            So, there is clearly a right, and there are clearly capacity for governments to bound the right.

            Just like any other right.

            E,g, There is a 1A right to speech, but governments bound that right when they outlaw texting while driving, etc.

            If the FIRST AMENDMENT right can be bound, SECOND AMENDMENT right can be bound.

            So, clearly, the Virginia legislature – primarily Republicans – have made a bargain with the devil to give BOUNDLESS privileges – PRIVILEGES that other ‘hobbies’ don’t have. And, these boundless privileges result in DEATH. The devil is the lord of death, and has – in the devil’s usual way – brought death to dear wee children.

            And, more and more and more death will come. In accidents. In suicide. In suicide accompanied by homicide.

            Virginia Republicans – so called ‘pro-life’ – have unleashed satanic powers of death for their own political purposes. As have so many others in human history.

            Go read your Bible, dude.

          • Eric McGrane

            Ummmm what the hell is that ^^^ up there?

    • Tim J

      All this wee wee makes me want to pee…

      • Edward N Virginia

        It is unkind to piss on wee dead children

  • Manny

    1) It wasn’t the Herndon SWAT team. I’m pretty sure the Town of Herndon does not have a SWAT team. It was US Park Police leading with ToH police only providing assistance cordoning off the area after requested. Please don’t tar ToH police with this

    2) No knock raids are almost never needed, especially in a case like this. Wait till the guy leaves his apartment, detain him and execute the search warrant.

    • Warmac9999

      You have stated my initial reaction. Doesn’t anybody in the federal government remember Ruby Ridge or the Branch Davidians?

  • David Eggleston

    Michael Yon reported on this march back during the planning stages, and requested that folks not follow this knucklehead into the impending fiasco.

  • John Allegro

    Today’s libertarianism is about 2/3 marxism.

  • Alexis Rose Bank

    I believe what he was doing was making absolutely clear to anyone who
    doesn’t have their head firmly buried somewhere, that you do not in fact
    have 2nd Amendment OR 1st Amendment rights. If you exercise your rights
    in a way that the government doesn’t like, the government will act not
    under the Rule of Law, but rather by the rules of war.

    Is there
    anyone in the world who is prepared to make a serious argument that they
    could not have accomplished the same end by knocking on his door and
    presenting a warrant?

    Speaking about warrants… did they even have one? Who signed the warrant and what was the crime being suspected here?

    far as why the Drug War should be stopped, that’s pretty simple. a) it
    doesn’t work; b) it’s a huge waste of money; c) it’s tyrannical; and d)
    it is in direct contravention of the founding principle of America that
    puts “pursuit of happiness” on a par with life and liberty. Seems way
    too many people don’t get that part.

  • Warmac9999

    Marijuana is a schedule 1 drug. Commonly prescribed opiates are schedule 2 drugs. Exactly what was found is important as marijuana in small quantities is, at most, a misdemeanor while many people in pain are prescribed almost like aspirin for severe pain. This part of the story is questionable as a basis for such a violent raid.

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