Do-Nothing Daun Hester gets a challenger

You’d think a Delegate would find the time, the initiative, or the reason to exist in the legislature to be Chief Patron of something. One bill. One law. At least one, right?

Not Do-Nothing Daun Hester, who managed to get through the entire General Assembly session without thinking of a single law to pass. One thousand forty-seven House Bills were introduced, and one thousand forty-seven of them weren’t Del. Hester’s work.

And she almost had a do-nothing re-election too.

I was scanning VPAP and it appears that DND has attracted an independent challenger: Kimberley Adams. Hadn’t seen that near the deadline, but it’s listed now and a quick google search yielded her website:

Hester limped into the House of Delegates after being crushed in a run for Mayor. Her election to the House was unopposed by Republicans in a December special election.

Might be one to watch.