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Mark Herring Insults Intelligent Women

This article by Victoria Cobb is worth reading. [1]

On Saturday, the candidates for attorney general participated in the first debate of what promises to be a long campaign season. However, instead of focusing on kitchen table issues, the debate unfortunately turned to accusations on an issue very personal to me and thousands of women.

According to news reports, Democrat candidate Senator Mark Herring (D-33, Leesburg) accused Republican candidate Senator Mark Obenshain (R-26, Harrisonburg) of wanting to force women in Virginia to report miscarriages to police. It’s a diatribe that abortion apologists in Virginia continue to repeat, and it’s one that makes me sick to my stomach. [2] There’s simply no other way to describe it than an insult to intelligent, thinking women. And as someone who understands the emotional and physical pain of a miscarriage, it is extraordinarily disgusting that Senator Herring would politicize and exploit an issue of such heart-wrenching pain. It shows to what lengths the abortion industry and its representatives will go to carry the banner of their billion dollar industry.

The truth of the story is that several years ago, after an incident in the Harrisonburg area where a newborn, full-term baby was tossed in the trash, Senator Obenshain was asked by his local commonwealth’s attorney, Marsha Garst, to find a way to rightfully make such an action illegal. No one but the mother of the baby knows for sure if the baby was born alive or not so Garst could not prove foul play because the body of the baby was never recovered (see NBC29.com) [3]. At no point did Senator Obenshain or anyone ever seek to penalize women who go through the painful trauma of a miscarriage. In fact, the bill was an effort to protect newborn children. At the time, Senator Obenshain, recognizing that the bill as drafted was flawed, sought to work with abortion industry representatives, as well as The Family Foundation, to find a solution, but none could be found, so prior to any committee action, he struck his own bill (such a process is very common and rarely political).

That the abortion industry and its apologists like Mark Herring would even make such ludicrous accusations about the bill and its intent is despicable.

At the debate Saturday, Senator Obenshain stayed true to his character and took the high road, focusing on his economic vision for Virginia. But what we saw happen Saturday is simply a preview of just how disgraceful this year’s election likely will become. Make no mistake — the radical abortion industry is driving the Democrat agenda and message in this year’s election.