Why Virginia Republicans Should Vote For State Senator Ralph Northam In Today’s Democratic Primary

By John Fredericks

I am a conservative Republican.

There were no Republican races in my House district in Chesapeake. So my family and I voted in the Democratic primary today.

I voted for State Senator Ralph Northam for Democratic Lieutenant Governor nominee.

This is not “operation chaos” – as Rush Limbaugh once coined it. My objective is not to disrupt the Democratic primary – which is open to all registered voters.

Rather, it represents a sober and mature choice for Republicans to exercise their constitutional right on an important day for all Virginians, regardless of party affiliation or ideology.

My vote for Northam today has no bearing on my ultimate choice in November’s general election, nor should it be construed as such.

I believe that Northam is simply a better choice for the Commonwealth than Obama’s Aneesh Chopra, an inexperienced candidate who led Obama’s cyber-technology team at the White House. Well funded and buttoned-down, Obama’s Chopra is too slick for my taste. With Ralph Northam, I know what I’m buying. What I see is what I get.

Northam’s got the experience, having served in the very body he could preside over for six years.

The two-term state senator from the Eastern Shore is a noted physician, a successful businessman, a job creator and an entrepreneur. He meets a payroll every week.

Northam has a solid reputation for being approachable and open to dissenting dialogue. And he is not shy about working with legislators on both sides of the aisle to do what he believes is the right thing.

Bottom-line: you can have a meaningful conversation with him, regardless of your political differences.

I look forward to what will surely be a substantive general election debate between Republican LG nominee E.W. Jackson and Northam.

In addition, if Northam is elected Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, his Senate seat — which represents a classic swing district that Bob McDonnell won in 2009 with 57 percent of the vote — would be up for grabs in a special election. Ironically, Republicans could conceivably win the seat back they lost to Northam in 2007 — and wrest control of the Virginia state senate by 21-19 — rendering the incumbent Lieutenant Governor irrelevant to defining Senate committee chairs.

For Republicans and Independents, Ralph Northam is a cogent and superior candidate to Obama’s Chopra on the Democratic ticket.

I urge all Republicans and Independents who have nothing going on in their Districts on the GOP side to vote in today’s Democratic primary – and vote for Northam for Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor.


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