BREAKING: What Did Chopra Know And When Did He Know It?

E.W. Jackson is launching a new social media campaign that ties the developing mess with the NSA to Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Aneesh Chopra. Chopra, you will recall, was the Obama administration’s chief technology officer. What did Chopra know and when did he know it? Here’s the graphic (click to enlarge):


It’s an interesting approach — timely, effective, and pointed squarely at Chopra’s tech credentials.

UPDATE (Shaun Kenney):  Justin Higgins over at JHPolitics has further insight:

Jackson is being aggressive on this, also releasing a graphic on Facebook pulling together news articles about the programs and Chopra’s potential role as Obama’s key technology adviser. Chopra is unlikely to say much, given any of his knowledge is bound to be classified, but Virginians deserve to know whether he was involved in this invasion of privacy.


You can hear the battle drums from here… big story about to erupt.

UPDATE x2 (Shaun Kenney):  …which did not go unnoticed by the good people at Virginia Virtucon:

The Jackson campaign asks a very interesting question — one that Democratic primary voters should want an answer to before they vote tomorrow.

Indeed.  More soon… 

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