Check it out: “Texts From E.W. Jackson”

It finally seems as though someone on the right is getting the point of this online messaging thing. A new tumblr site called “Texts From E.W. Jackson” popped up Wednesday, and it uses that most dangerous of things — snark — to push back at the GOP lieutenant governor nominee’s critics (on both sides of the political fence).

It appears as though the site was created in response to a Twitter post by the DPVA’s Brian Coy, who was attempting to generate a slew of additional tweets under a “texts from Jackson” hashtag. Coy’s launching pad was a National Review piece that noted how Jackson and Ken Cuccinelli have a habit of texting one another. What were they really saying? Oh, let’s just make up the nastiest thing we can imagine:

How droll. The tumblr response went like this:

tumbr coy

Good on the creator of this site for rapidly taking what could have become another online line of attack against Jackson and turning it back around on the Democrats. That’s the kind of quick, and snarky, response the GOP needs to do. All the time.

And check out the Facebook page, too.

  • GovGirl

    lol – love it and its about time!

  • Edward N Virginia

    IF the Republican party prefers tumblr feed, tweeting, and bumper stickers to actual policy proposals presented to the public …

    … well … that’s very sad

    btw, the most aggressive, distracted drivers on my rural road all have Republican bumper stickers …

    they are putting on make up, on the telephone (not hands free), … and probably tweeting and tumbling (since Republicans apparently like the middle-school level of communications)

    they pass on double yellow, greatly exceed the limit and safe driving speed, swerve radically off the road or across the line, cutting people off, failing to give a signal before rushing off the road startling other drivers, etc … perhaps they should paint over those bumper stickers?

    recent reports show that White guys in the fifties and sixties are killing themselves – mostly with guns – at astonishingly high and increasing rates. And, btw, most gun death in the US is SUICIDE DEATH, and most suicide in the US is White men. A major Republicans demographic! Wow!? – Republicans are killing themselves off with the very guns they want to own so many of without any reasonable restrictions, restraints, or checks. Wow?!

    we know that Republicans are slobbering with gun lust (not only out of high-minded belief Second Amendment; lust is lust, whether for guns, or for pornography, or all you can eat buffets; its all sin if its lust) … and that might be a good thing for drivers: folks on the highways might prefer you all kill yourselves by guns, off road, rather than with car crashes.

    so, yet another demographic issue for a ‘new’ Republican party: the White aging bedrock is shooting itself to death.

    • Joe D

      I find it incredibly hilarious how you used this post to make up a series of the most ridiculous lies and stories I’ve ever heard. Republicans are bad drivers? Oh Lord, please just go back to trolling Reddit and stop trying to spread that crap on here because there isn’t a single sane person anywhere in the Commonwealth that believes or cares about whatever point you are trying to make.

      • Edward N Virginia


        but it it illogical, and rude, to tell people that their direct experience is not their direct experience.

        We have related our direct experience of driving on our rural route in Virginia.

        Republicans are great ‘deniers’: many explicitly ‘deny’ that human industrial and social activities create pollutants that have, and can, harm the environment, including local, regional, or global climates. Abundant scientific evidence, and direct observation, proves these ‘deniers’ to be absurd, perverse, or liars. [ Easy though to figure out the liars; use the ‘Erin Brockovich’ trick; bring them water they know can from a polluted source, and ask them to drink it, in public, all of it. ]

        We have heard Republicans deny many other things:
        – that Americans landed and walked in the moon
        – the Holocaust of the Jews and others by the NAZIs
        – the gay people are human

        – that Black people were harmed by slavery (on the contrary, we have heard some Republicans claim it helped Blacks)

        So, please stop telling people that their experience is not their experience. That is illogical, and rude.

        About the rising tide of White male suicide – including likely many the suicide of many Republicans – the data are publicly available.

        If you have other data, please share it.

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