NRO Corner: McAuliffe, Planned Parenthood Launch Bizarre Campaign Against Cuccinelli

QUICK! You’re a national organization that peddles in death, committing millions of abortions every year and finally up against candidates willing to call out your grisly business for what it is.

Do you (a) hire a national public relations firm and start backing out of your multi-million dollar industry of death, or (b) do you double down with the most idiotic campaign in the history of human civilization?

Well… this is Planned Parenthood. What do you expect them to do?

McAuliffe supporters can upload a picture of themselves and add a disapproving Cuccinelli to later share “to let others know how life would change if Ken is elected governor!” The campaign’s demonstration photo features a bride with two female friends and a man who’s presumably her husband; as LifeNews’ Rebecca Downs pointed out, it’s not exactly clear what exactly Cuccinelli would be wagging his finger at in this situation.

In the post-Gosnell era, aligning oneself with an organization that demands health standards lower than modern dentistry isn’t a smart move.  Planned Parenthood is about to become an albatross for the Democratic ticket, whether they like it or not.

UPDATE:  Like this… way to go, Dr. Northam:

How many people under the age of forty fifty sixty were sitting around that table, again?

Gosnell would be pleased.