• Make no mistake about this…E. W. Jackson caused this. The Virginia GOP leadership has a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate outreach…..Pray they don’t blow it again. Tea Party organizers who were not united on a candidate must show they want minority inclusion or they will falter as well. Win or loose the election Jackson and men like Snyder win…..GOP leaders in Virginia can win big if they embrace Marco Rubio and Jackson’s example to gain from the large Hispanic and Black vote who are watching.

    • MD Russ

      Get serious. This has nothing to do with race and outreach to minorities. Yes, there are nut cases who will post nonsense on social media, but they don’t matter any more than the conspiracy theorists who see a government plot behind every natural disaster.

      Jackson’s ridiculous comments in the past, ranging from gays to abortion doctors, cannot be reconciled with the moderate tone of Cuccinelli’s campaign. He is the anchor that will sink the Republican ticket. Watching his candidacy is like driving past a bad car crash–you know that you should look away, but you just can’t because it is so gruesome.

      Until the Republican Party frames itself as the party of economic growth, like Bob McDonnell did in 2009, instead of being the party of meddling in private lives, it will lose.

      BTW, Doug Wilder is irrelevant to Virginia politics today. He is the nutty old uncle who lives in the attic.

      • Mr. Russ your perspective is tremendously flawed. The Honorable Douglas Wilder has tremendous influence in the Black and Hispanic community. Jackson’s strong biblical belief based on the bible make him that much more attractive to communities crying out for moral justice. I may not agree with all his statements but I respect his ability to change the badly needed presence of the Virginia GOP. The one man who can win this election is indeed E.W. Jackson. You would be wise to change your antiquated thinking.

        • MD Russ

          We will see in November whose perspective is “tremendously flawed,” won’t we?

          • Mr. Russ the GOP badly needs the minority vote….Open your heart…We have one Corey Stewart….we don’t need another.

          • MD Russ

            And the difference between Corey Stewart and EW Jackson (disregarding their race) is exactly what?

          • One is a Latino basher….one is not…One has the respect of Hispanic community leaders…one does not. One is highly respected in the military community I frequent…one is not….the is not is Corey Stewart. Oh yes one has a long history of raising taxes…and Mr. Jackson does not.

          • But the election is over…let us see how hard Mr. Stewart works to elect E.W. Jackson. That will count more that if he’d won the nomination….and we will be watching.

      • Kblankenship7

        I actually have a lot of respect Gov. Wilder, though I often disagree with him.

      • Wilder isn’t irrelevant, but he won’t be endorsing anyone this time around.

        • MD Russ

          If he isn’t endorsing anyone, then as a former governor he is irrelevant.

          • No, because he can affect the turnout of African-Americans and conservative Democrats in Central Virginia.

          • MD Russ

            And just how will he do that without endorsing anyone? BTW, do you recall his decision to not endorse Creigh Deeds? How did that work out in turning out African-Americans and conservative Democrats?

          • Many will stay home if he doesn’t endorse. Didn’t Deeds lose? Ever heard of the Golden Silence? Doug Wilder learned a lot from the Byrd Machine.

    • Mother’s Vodka

      Had Marco Rubio been at that convention, he’d have been run out. E.W. is much more conservative, despite the color of his skin.

  • More wishful thinking from the CuJO Express.

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