The Richmond Screwjob: How Corey Stewart (Almost) Sold His Endorsement for $85,000


I can’t keep this one quiet anymore.

There’s a lot of chatter about the supposed false endorsements of Snyder by PWC Chairman Corey Stewart and AG nominee Mark Obenshain.

Truth is, Corey Stewart really did endorse Pete Snyder — that is confirmed by multiple sources in and around the campaign (including former Stewart staffers).

Folks have to ask themselves why a Snyder campaign that had been flawless up to that point would have made such a critical error.  The answer is twofold:

(1)  Stewart falsely announced the endorsement of Martha Boneta, hero of the Boneta Bill after Delegate Scott Lingamfelter announced his endorsement of Snyder.  It was simply not true… and Martha was on the floor of the convention wearing a Pete ’13 shirt and having a great time.

Sore feelings, it would seem…

(2)  After Stewart had given Snyder’s team the endorsement, a funny thing happened.  Patrick Lee (check your cell phones) marched up to the Snyder press box and made an additional demand… of $85,000 cash to cover Corey Stewart’s campaign expenses.

Snyder staffers were baffled.  Hadn’t Corey Stewart already given his word?  Patrick Lee repeated the demand, saying that Stewart staff had not been paid up and so forth.

Snyder staffers did the right thing — they said the endorsement was already given and they expected Stewart to keep their word.

What happened next could only be described as the “Richmond Screwjob” as Patrick Lee ran from the Snyder box shouting “No deal!  Stewart did *not* endorse Snyder!!”

…guess who was watching from the stage?  Corey Stewart… who then began a vigorous argument with RPV chairman Pat Mullins demanding to be able to take the stage.  Midway through that argument, Stewart eyeballed Jackson who was congratulating his delegates.

The fist went into the air.  Jackson was endorsed by Stewart instead.

Of course, to the convention floor it looked a lot different.  Snyder was falsely accused of a Stewart endorsement.  Pre-printed flyers of an Obenshain endorsement leaked out as well… stolen or prematurely handed out, we’ll never know.

After all, what could Snyder do about it?  He got screwed… and it is the reason why Stewart staffers even after endorsing Jackson were so vicious after the fact.  Those in the know just lost out on a massive payday.

* * *

The next day, Snyder was pumping his fist in the air for E.W. Jackson and offering his help to the campaign.  


Now that’s a class act folks — no matter how you cut it.

…and while Pete Snyder was out there being the happy warrior and playing team ball, what were the third-party shills for Stewart doing?



Check out the time stamp too… on a Sunday evening, Stewart handlers are pushing stuff like that?

All because they couldn’t get their $85,000 payoff?

Disgusting, isn’t it?

Now there are few things in the world I hate more than campaigns or surrogates that bring in family.  I will wage relentless war against people like that — burn your crops, salt the earth, you have no business in politics war against people who lower themselves to such disgusting tactics.

For one, I’m glad Snyder didn’t sell his reputation or his character to Corey Stewart’s goons.  If he was going to lose, he was going to lose fair — and Jackson’s staffers privately know the deal and are grateful for it.  Ironically enough, Snyder and Jackson were the two friendliest campaigns on the trail — their campaign styles matched, their social media strategies matched, their goals and ambitions matched.

Had Corey actually endorsed clean, or had Snyder coughed up the $85K, would it have changed the outcome?  Probably not.  But let’s face it — if Snyder really had paid for the endorsement, that’s probably a lot worse than passing out a flyer… in fact, that’s corrupt.  Snyder had his test of character — and passed with flying colors.

Others?  Not so much…


Guess Ken Cuccinelli and the pope have more friends than we thought, eh?

So you may hear smart folks talk about Corey Stewart and the Richmond Screwjob.  This my friends is what they are talking about… and it ought to go down into legend as to how Pete Snyder is and remains a class act, how Corey Stewart tried to extort Snyder for $85,000, and how even in victory E.W. Jackson proved that he’s a lot more intelligent and nimble a politician than at least one (former) LG candidate thought he was.

…and now you know what happened.  Dirty, dirty politics and a vicious play against a good man.

  • Patrick Lee is a clown. In general and especially when it comes to campaigns.

  • A few years from now we might conclude that Snyder won by losing. He certainly seems to have impressed people for how he handled the outcome.

  • RepubMom

    Thank you for shedding light on that. It seemed awfully foolish to claim false endorsements. This clears up at least one.

  • Red Faction

    I hope E.W. Jackson used a bucket of hand sanitizer and a scrub brush after holding hands with Judas.

  • Justin Ferrell

    I was wondering how or why Snyder didn’t win in the convention. Thanks for clarity!

  • LOL

    “Now there are few things in the world I hate more than campaigns or surrogates that bring in family. I will wage relentless war against people like that — burn your crops, salt the earth, you have no business in politics war against people who lower themselves to such disgusting tactics.”

    Didn’t somebody post a video of Jeannmarie Devolites Davis?

  • What’s the explanation for the pre-printed flyers for Snyder with both Stewarts and Obenshain’s endorsements?

    • All campaigns should have preprinted endorsements in a convention format; to roll out as endorsements come in to hq.

    • been there done that

      Are you sure they were pre-printed? I have been to a lot of conventions. One of the staples at a convention is access to a printing press or Xerox machine that churns out last minute flyers.

      • Absolutely! there were hundreds of flyers, and actually big posters also that could not have been whipped up and produced on the spot. So you mean to tell me the Snyder campaign had all this printed material for the unlikely case he would get an on the spot endorsement from any of the other 6 candidates? I have a hard time believing that.

        • Justin Higgins

          That’s convention basics. You prepare for all the possible scenarios. Stewart’s staff had pre-printed flyers touting Martha Boneta’s endorsement (which they didn’t get). It’s the way it’s done.

          • RC

            That isn’t true. Corey did not have pre-prined fliers on Boneta’s endorsement. I saw his campaign type the flier and print them on the spot. Besides, who the hell would pre-print Boneta endorses Stewart fliers. That’s just stupid. Justin Higgins you have not a clie what you are talking about.

        • Either you don’t read or you’re just hell bent on continuing to spread false information and trying to smear a good man’s name. Pete Snyder is a class act. Period.

        • yesterday’s gop

          It’s a sad day when we first assume maliciousness. This had nothing to do with Snyder trying to lie or cheat to win. If I had been consulting him, I would have had those flyers pre-printed too. Kudos to him for being prepared. Shame on them for not having a better control on what was exiting their command center. If you’ve ever worked on a campaign, you know how crazy things get in the lead-up to a vote–and conventions are a gazillion times crazier than normal elections. I was sitting close to Snyder’s war room (for the lack of a better label) when his team realized the flyers hit the floor. There was nothing strategic about what happened. It was an honest campaign mistake (albeit a big one!).

        • Brad Martin

          Basic honesty? Were you paying attention in the 10 days leading up to the Convention? How about Corey’s arm’s-length (a very short arm) financing of the supposedly illegal mailers and web videos?

          • When does dishonesty from another candidate (Corey) justify the dishonesty of others?

          • Sean

            It wasn’t dishonesty, it was a mistake. I watched as volunteers from the Pete campaign scrambled over each other to take down those fliers once it came down that they were most likely inaccurate.

        • Bob Stone

          You are an absolute idiot, do you know that? What possible logic does it make to send out a flier for something that was a lie, when thousands of that person’s supporters are on the floor and would IMMEDIATELY crucify anyone who lied about an endorsement – which is exactly what happened?

          Any 10 year old would know that such a flier would be identified, and refuted within five minutes of behing handed out, and that the backlash it caused would be a thousand times worse than whatever benefit they might get from the lie.

          That makes it painfully obvious to just about everyone on this planet, except for you, that it was simply a mistake and not some malicious attempt to lie.

          But please, by all means continue with your lunatic ravings.

          • RC

            Bob, why is it that not one person from the Snyder campaign has gone on the record to say that Pete got Corey’s endorsement? Not one person? Do you kow why? Because it never happened. Also this claim that Patrick Lee asked for $85,000 – no one has gone on the record with that claim either. Just anonymous allegations. Snyder’s people are trying to blame Corey for theuir chearting ways. Don’t be a sucker – open your eyes.

        • I have also pondered this “what if.” This may be addressed if there are future conventions.

          I would hope educated delegates make their own decisions. If you vote for X on the first two ballots and X is dropped. This does not mean that you vote for whoever pays off X on the next ballot.

        • Spanky Jacobson

          No, there were not pre-printed signs: I watched Snyder staffers had draw – “Linkfelter (whatever that dude’s name is) Supports Snyder” after the third ballot

          • Great to see the convention drew so many well informed Republican activists.

      • Which is why you gotta pre-print them. Ever try printing out 13,000 of something before? Ask any paralegal how that works…

    • All campaigns have them pre-printed. That’s conventions 101.

      • So why we’re the distributed when the endorsements had NOT materialized? That’s the real question!

        • yesterday’s gop

          Mistakes happen. Just like the Jackson letter that went out (referencing Ryan Gleason’s comment above), someone picked them up before they were green-lighted. Once the mistake was realized, Snyder’s staff scrambled to get them off the floor.

          • Sure, mistakes happen. I didn’t see or hear anyone in the campaign trying to rectify the “mistakes”

      • Not all of Snyders were pre-printed. He had on-site printing and copying. Case in point: the Radtke tweet saying she was voting for Snyder was on the flyer itself.

        • But endorsements from other campaigns can be expected, if you make it far enough. Naturally he’d have those available in advance.

      • AND they will sticking those neon green stickers saying “I switched to Pete” when people weren’t even aware of them doing it, in line waiting to cast their ballot. I consider that quite shocking! When people that were casting their vote for EW for the 4th time realized it, they started removing the darned stickers off their clothing, to include myself!

  • I was unable to take an active part but my prayers were with Snyder and his family. He has really proven himself to be a man of integrity. He is certainly a winner in God’s eye. What ever God has in mind will be for the best for His children. May God bless in your life, Pete.

  • igraves

    Snyder is still campaigning because he knows the establishment is going to try to boot Jackson off the ticket. The establishment failed in screwing EW despite trying to get everyone in line for Snyder. When Lingamfelter and Stimpson dropped, folks overwhelmingly went to Jackson because Snyder is a fraud. He is the hand picked candidate of the consultants. Now the talking points have gone out that Pete’s friends, like Shaun, need to help clean up the mess he created in desperation Saturday evening by pretending he had been endorsed by Stimpson, Stewart, and Obenshain, and then having his people hand out stuff on the floor about E.W.’s finances. Snyder was behind the Checks and Balances group attacking Stewart and he was behind much of the other nastiness flying in anonymous emails. Not only does Pete Snyder have no ideas, he has no class.

    • Justin Higgins

      Actually, if you look at the percentages and who gained fastest, Snyder won more of Lingamfelter and Stimpson’s voters. E.W. had 31% on the first ballot and finished with 58% (+27). Snyder had 12% on the first ballot and finished with 48% (+36).

      • Either a significant number of delegates managed to vote for both candidates in the fourth round or you have a typo. You wrote Jackson got 58% and Snyder got 48%, for a total of 106% of the votes cast. I assume you meant 58/42, but it doesn’t matter either way.

    • Justin Higgins

      Also, E.W.’s campaign themselves handed out the letter trying to explain his finances.

      • Ryan Gleason

        Justin, the letter that was handed out at the end was not authorized by the campaign for general distribution. It was a letter Jackson wrote, and they had copies ready in case delegates asked about the financial issues. If that happened, one copy was to be given specifically to the delegate asking about the issue.

        What happened was a Jackson volunteer took it upon himself to hand out a stack of the letters before the 4th ballot without getting authorization from the campaign. Luckily, the immaturity from this one volunteer did not do irreparable harm to Jackson.

        • Justin Higgins

          That’s fine, but still speaks to my point about the letter not originating from the Snyder campaign, as argued.

          • Ryan Gleason

            Correct, Snyder’s campaign had nothing to do with the letter handed out before the 4th ballot detailing E.W.’s response to questions about his finances.

        • Thank you for clarifying that handout Ryan!

    • That’s insane. No one is going to book Jackson off anything.

    • John Fredericks

      Dear Mr. Igraves,
      You are entitled to your own opinion, of course, but not to your own facts. My radio team was on the convention floor broadcasting iive for 12 hours at the Coliseum. Here is what went down:
      1. Pete Snyder’s campaign team played virtually error free ball the whole way, but the fliers being distributed on Obenshain and Stewart’s endorsement were a huge mistake by a few over-zealous Snyder staffers who jumped the gun.
      2. All of the other Snyder endorsements were preceded by Tweets and Facebook posts — they had a system– but these were not preceded.
      3. We reported on them at face value, so we thought they were real.
      4. This was a bonehead mistake made by staff, and Pete is accountable for that, as any chief executive is responsible for his team memebers. But it was certainly not a purposeful ploy.
      5. Think of me what you will, I don’t take my talking points from anyone- NOT the RNC, NOT the RPV, not the DNC, NOT the Tea Party and certainly not a candidate for public office. Snyder ran what I would classify as a solid, inteligent, classy upbeat race, and he was a lot of fun to cover. I also have come to know Burson, and I know for a fact your charges are not true. These are the facts. John Fredericks.

      • igraves

        Error free except running a primary campaign for a convention nomination lol. Everyone knows you are on the Snyder payroll. You take your talking points from Pete Snyder for cash. Snyder is about as good a candidate as you are a radio host…which isn’t saying a lot.

        • PROVE IT!

        • John Fredericks

          Dear Mr. Igraves,
          Now there you go again, spewing hate. I assume your candidate won, so you should be happy, right? This was a fun race, and I really enjoyed covering it, and I got to know most of the candidates fairly well and it was very interesting. I just know for a fact that the endorsement fliers were not done on purpose, it was simply a mistake, and Mr. Snyder owned up to the fauxpax. I guess you never make a mistake. I know I make a lot of them evey day. Take care and good luck. John

      • Interesting. Several friends on FB told me you were blasting Jackson, as the ballots were still being counted, claiming he will be the reason why the whole ticket will lose in November. Did you say that during your radio show, or not?

      • You are correct Sir.

      • jimbo

        Doesn’t surprise me you have no talking points. Your head is so far up your ass it would be impossible for you to read them.

    • Mr. Graves you are delusional to suggest Mr. Snyder in nothing but honorable. He is genuine and so is E.W. Jackson…both are destined for future office….The big losers saturday were Corey Stewart and Jamie Radtke even though she was not on the ticket, Jamie could not direct the tea party movement for Stimpson.

  • igraves

    When all is said and done, Synder probably spent close to more than all of the other six LG candidates combined–well over $1million. Pete–if you had just spent another 100k on web videos no one watches and another 100k on pork you could have fooled enough people to win. Now that’s a great

  • Trent Barton

    Shaun- I haven’t talked to the campaign but have you considered that Patrick Lee was showing his campaign leadership immaturity and was interested only in his self preservation a#! in the “demand”. Even if that is the case, Patrick Lee should have gone back to his boss and leadership team and sought counsel before “yelling no deal” I don’t believe that Stewart would be worried over $85k. He could easily raise that from his existing baseor even have Jackson help him retire it after the election. I don’t think that Stewart would tentatively endorse Snyder and then cross endorse Jackson from the stage.

    Just my thoughts-

    • That’s a possibility… but the antics vis a vis Stewart in front of the stage didn’t occur until *after* Patrick Lee shouted no deal.

      • Trent Barton

        Again, that even solidifies that Patrick Lee was only trying to get paid. What I have heard of Patrick’s past antics, this is right up his alley. Stewart made errors in the campaign but he is not going to extort Snyder for only $85k. If this came from Stewart and he was so easily ready to extort Snyder, then how come he did not try to extort Jackson? Or did Jackson pay Stewart’s bribe and we don’t know about it– it is akin to “When did you stop beating your wife?”

        Think what you may about Stewart, but extortioner he is not!!

        • Because Jackson didn’t have the money…

        • The only other plausible explanation? Patrick Lee did this on his own without the foreknowledge of Corey Stewart. Possible… but Stewart would be the only one who would know.

      • Well from press row I saw the goings on as well. And congrats to Shaun and John Fredericks for calling it the way they saw it. Bottom line Snyder remains a class act and will advance in the future. The pundits can call it like they see it….I will as well and might disagree with my media colleagues over Jackson but he is on the ticket and I see positive things coming out of it….Now the GOP will be “forced” to look at outreach in a positive manner. You think Corey Stewart learned anything by this? the minority community is celebrating for taking him down. The real question is how will some of the uppity Tea Party organizers deal with Jackson….Again by the hateful and not unexpected comments of folks like Rich Buchanan, the Tea Party movement may talk support but do very little with the continued division over candidates and lack of outreach.

    • Couldn’t agree more, and everyone knows I am not a fan of Corey, but this is just pure fiction.

  • HB

    Shaun, you sure about that time-stamp? It’s showing up as 6:26pm on my screen. That doesn’t make sense in the context of the story. Corey was ahead of Snyder at this time, not eliminated.

    Third-ballot voting hadn’t even begun yet, and by the time numbers were read — 5 minutes later than the time stamp — Corey was only one percent behind Snyder. Your theory doesn’t make any sense.

    The ruckus about the fliers didn’t start until about 9:05pm.

    • HB

      Whoops. Sorry. I had the wrong date. Your theory DOES make sense.

    • HB is absolutely correct. I was distributing ballots, and know exactly at which time they went out. The timeline is completely off!

    • Brad Martin

      The timestamp is 6:26 pm on SUNDAY. Shaun’s point was that the stew was still simmering the next day.

      • HB

        I realized my mistake shortly after I posted. Sorry to Marta for the confusion. My argument is invalid.

  • I apologize if this is common knowledge I should know, but can you explain what you mean by “… even in victory E.W. Jackson proved that he’s a lot more intelligent and nimble a politician than at least one (former) LG candidate thought he was”?

  • igraves

    Pete Snyder’s best bud, after Shaun, attacking Jackson.

    • All I needed to hear! Mr. Frederick, you should be ashamed of yourself for calling fellow Virginia republicans extreme! The people overwhelmingly chose Jackson. It makes one wonder what is your agenda. Are you a democrat being paid for by the Mcauliffe campaign? You certainly sound like it! Shame on you for maligning delegates like me that took the time, energy and efforts to attend the convention and chose for ourselves, not who it what the party wanted us to do. I’m not extreme, and neither are the thousands of others that voted for Jackson.

      • Justin Higgins

        A 58-42 vote with less than 6,000 people voting on the final ballot is hardly “the people” overwhelmingly voting for anything. That being said, our ticket is what it is. I malign the convention process itself.

  • Jeanine, why so hostile to every single Snyder supporter? Pete did not personally hand out those fliers. It was a mistake by some person, I don’t know who. Pete is a great man and was a great candidate. Now we have a great candidate in Bishop Jackson. Cheer up and let’s get to work on defeating the democrats in November.
    Oh, and all those times you would say that Pete’s staff was just Bolling staff…incorrect. I have been a hardcore Cuccinelli supporter since the beginning.

  • sgtcajones


    Do you just make this BS up? “There’s a lot of chatter…” Do you have some facts to back up what you say?

    You instigated much of what occurred before and during the convention by your claims on the John Fredericks show, on VV , BD and other places, all of which was no more than your opinion and your dislike of Stewart.

    State some facts that actually prove what you say if you claim to be a “credible news source”.

    State the facts; YOU and Frederick are Snyder supporters.

    With that revelation, we can all begin to make some sense out of what occurred.

    Here are some facts from the floor:

    Snyder lied repeatedly.

    Flyers were distributed with blatant lies.

    Snyder staff in Stewart Tee Shirts (that were passed out after the 2nd ballot by Stewart campaign folks) claimed to be staff of Stewart’s, and spread the word that Stewart was endorsing Snyder.

    Snyder people passed the word that Cooch was endorsing Snyder, and that Obenshain endorsed Snyder.

    Where does the slime end?

    Democrat tactics.

    You need to come clean my friend.

    BD is a rag.

    You are totally discredited after your participation in this mess.


    • Justin Higgins

      Name one Snyder staffer who wore a Stewart t-shirt at any point in time. Facts are stubborn things.

  • Liz McCoy

    Interesting. Who is your source for this?

  • Rick Buchanan

    Once again, Shaun, you have put out the big lie to cover for the misdeeds of your boy Pete.

    As the representative of the Federation I was with the Stewart staff after the talley came in. Corey was huddled inside his little convention campaign office (given to all of the candidates) and I watched as folks came and went, anxious for an answer. I was there to let the Federation members know if there was an endorsement so they could get the word out to our members.

    During this time I spoke to both Waters and Lee as they went in and out of the office. During this time they never were more than a few steps from the door to the offince they were guarding while Corey was talking to various people that were allowed in. Corey remained in the office the entire time I was there.

    Finally, Waters told me it was decided that there would be no endorsement. Patrick came out and thanked me for all the Tea Party had done and started to walk down the stairs to the convention floor. It was then that Corey finally came out of the office walking the other way toward the back door leading to the concourse. Suddenly, Patrick ran back up the stairs very upset and holding a flyer in his hand. He grabbed Corey by the arm and pulled him down the stairs with him yelling “We did not endorse Snyder, we did not endorse Snyder!”.

    They proceeded directly to he stage where they confronted Pat Mullens, but were not allowed ion the stage to protest the lying propaganda being spread throughout the convention hall by Pete’s workers.

    This is what I saw, Shaun. Now how are you going to twist this one to make your boy Snyder look like the hero and Stewart the chump that you wish he were?

    • Beau regards


      You are a wannabe that ain’t ever gonna be. Go on back to fauquier now and go make fitzgibbons some coffee already.

      • Rick Buchanan

        “You can’t handle the truth.” I am proud to put my name on the truth so everyone knows who I am. And you? Not so proud, huh?

  • Bob Stone

    Um, sorry to tell you but Corey doesn’t have buckets of money. He is almost 100,000 in debt to his consultants. That is exactly why he would have asked for such a deal.

    Now, I disagree with Shaun that it was some kind of nefarious thing. Helping another candidate pay off campaign debt is both perfectly acceptable, and a noble thing for another candidate to do. But going back on a deal and attempting to EXTORT that money out… that’s wrong.

    You flap your mouth an awful lot for somebody who doesn’t know much. Everyone knows Corey is in debt. I mean, I don’t care, campaigns go into debt… it happens, and I don’t think anything less of him for it. But, we all know it. You are insane.

    • RC

      Bob – how is possible for you to know the state of Corey’s campaign finances? You speak of $100,000 debt to consultants as if such a thing could be public record. Prove your assertion or shut the F up.

  • It is the anger that spews forth whenever Shoveitsville Shady and her cronies open their mouths that turns off electorate.

  • Shaun,

    This is far from the first time that the story you tell is based, in substantial part, on unnamed sources. If this tale is 100% accurate it changes my impression of Snyder substantially, I’m simply missing the backup facts that make the information more reliable.

    For example, can you tell us:

    1. The names of any of the “multiple sources in and around the campaign (including former Stewart staffers)” that show Stewart really did endorse Snyder.

    2. Name a single person who heard Patrick Lee demand the money for the endorsement. I am definitely not defending Patrick here, but given that this severely implicates Stewart we need a source.

    3. Name someone who heard Patrick Lee *shout* “No deal! Stewart did *not* endorse Snyder!!”

    Delegates and campaign staff have generally not been shy about their actions and observations at the convention. There should be little need for secrecy, especially as there should be numerous witnesses to all three points.

    btw the main simple fact that casts doubt on the story is the fact that Stewart had $363k cash on hand as of March 31, 2013. Snyder and Stweart each had over double the cash on hand of the next Lt. Gov candidate as of the last campaign deadline. The existence of unpaid staffers will either be proven or disproven over the next couple of months. Disgruntled unpaid staffers tend to talk.

    Agreed that: The petes big ideas twitter feed was classless, and Pete Snyder has been classy in his 100% support for the ticket since the final vote.

  • Mother’s Vodka

    s one who was there but left before the final round (I-95 before too late, please) and who went down there to support Corey, I had a list of 2nd, 3rd, etc. choices in mind should he not get the nomination. I don’t let my own family dictate who I am supporting, I sure as heck wouldn’t be blindly endorsing who Corey announced he was “giving” his delegates to

  • HEY rick buchanan WHO THE HELL ARE YOU ? Seams no one knows who you are and seams no one CARES !!!

  • Now Shaun Kenney I have met..A real stand up guy. He is not like someone I don’t know nor do I care to know,who thinks he is all that.

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  • raisacinta


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