Your 2013 Virginia Gubernatorial Ticket

Governor: Ken Cuccinelli

Lieutenant Governor: EW Jackson

Attorney General: Mark Obenshain


UPDATE x1 :  Chopra’s Statement on EW’s win:

ARLINGTON, VA — Aneesh Chopra, Democratic candidate for Virginia Lt. Governor, released the following statement today regarding the selection of Bishop E.W. Jackson as the Republican nominee for Lt. Governor. Jackson was chosen on the 5th round of balloting at the Republican Party of Virginia’s convention in Richmond.

“Today, a small group of Republican Party insiders gathered in Richmond to select Bishop E.W. Jackson as their nominee. This choice highlights just how out-of-touch the Republican Party of Virginia has become. Jackson’s extreme views are far to the right of Virginia voters. In fact, Jackson is far more extreme than Ken Cuccinelli — which is quite a feat.”
“Jackson was selected after 5 rounds of voting by some 8,000 convention attendees. The fact that so few people attended the convention says a lot about how inviting the Republican Party in Virginia is right now. I know that come November, the voters of Virginia will reject Jackson and his extreme agenda. This is a man who has attacked the Democratic Party as having an “agenda worthy of the Antichrist.” This is a man who has called the LGBT community “perverted” and “very sick people.”
“Voters in Virginia saw what Bishop Jackson stood for last year, when he ran for U.S. Senate, and they didn’t like it. He couldn’t even break 5% of the vote in the Republican primary. The fact that he is now the party’s nominee for Lt. Governor shows just how far to the right the Virginia GOP has moved.”

“I’m running for Lt. Governor because I know the people of Virginia are ready to turn the page on the divisive and extreme politics of the past. I’m running because I believe all Virginians deserve equality and opportunity. I’m running to move our Commonwealth forward and ensure that everyone has a fair shot at success. I look forward to continuing the campaign to fight for a better future for Virginia.

UPDATE #2: GOP Ticket to do a 3-day, 14 city statewide tourUPDATE #3: Ryan Nobles Coverage of the Convention and ticket

UPDATE #4 : Here comes the Social Media Left:

UPDATE #5: Bedtime!


  • DonB

    Amazing victory for Jackson that brings VA into a new era.

    • Bill D

      An era where we are the butt of the joke!!!!

      • pinecone321

        No doubt you will be taking your ball and going home because your candidate didn’t win. BooHoo, woe is me, how dare the majority go against who I wanted to win. Speaking of jokes and butts, if the shoe fits…….

        • MD Russ


          The majority didn’t select Jackson. Fewer than 5,000 Republicans out of a quarter million of likely Republican voters gave him a majority on the fifth ballot. The Indian George Clooney is going to clean his clock in November. Nice job, Republicans. Kiss your Senate majority good-bye.

          • pinecone321

            I say BS. Jackson was the first choice on every ballot from first to last, sometimes by almost double digits. It took 4 ballots for him to cross the 50% threshold. From what I’m reading, as candidates dropped, the majority of those votes were going to Jackson, not Snyder.

            If Jackson gets his clock cleaned in November, by a guy in a party that is so immersed in the mire and muck of scandal after scandal, with no end in sight, it will be the fault of the so-called Republicans who are actually Democrats when it comes to the social issues. No doubt they will take their ball and go home rather than break their vows to purity and their adopted principles. Those that allow the sprint to a tyrannical government regime to prevail unfortunately put us all in the same prison they will have enabled.

            I personally like the convention method of choosing rather than expensive primaries that every taxpayer has to foot the bills for. Anyone who wished to attend the convention had the opportunity to do so. It has long been a problem for the Republicans to fill all of the delegate slots available. Hell it’s long been a problem for the VA GOP to get people to go and vote in primaries. The last pres. primary had the lowest turnout probably in VA history, thanks to the elites in the party that insured that we had only two choices on the ticket.

            Thank you God that the party elites didn’t prevail against the will of the people yesterday. If they couldn’t prevail against 8,000 convention delegates, how in the hell could they insure election victory in Nov. I am happy to see that the tide is obviously turning in the state. Those that have ruled the roost in VA politics for decades, and insured that they retain the power structure have been sent a clear message. It’s about time.

          • MD Russ

            Just how did the “party elites” prevent everyone but Romney and Paul from meeting the qualification requirements to be on the ballot?

            And you debunked your own position when you proclaim that it is an recurring problem for the Republicans to fill all the delegate positions. How is that somehow less of a problem than low voter turn-out in a primary? Where are all these hoards of mouth-breathing, drooling liberals who supposedly raid an open Republican primary?

          • George from Cleveland

            I don’t get how you think “primary raiding” doesn’t occur. It did in the 2008 Democratic Presidential primaries. It occurred in Michigan in 2010, it’s how Rick Snyder won the primary for Governor. There’s an ongoing movement in Maryland to get conservatives to register and vote D in closed primaries in reaction to the gun control bills signed into law last week. The last example would be unlikely in a competitive two party state such as Virginia being that it relates to closed primaries, but raiding does occur.

          • George from Cleveland
          • i was a delegate and it was 4 ballots. apparently you weren’t in attendance. also, Jackson was ahead on each and every count. get your facts straight.

  • Dylan

    It’s rather pathetic when your opponent’s propaganda is honest. As a Republican, I’m sorry to tell you that Chopra’s statement regarding RPV’s choice for LG is the cold hard truth.

    • George from Cleveland

      He’s not their nominee, yet.

      “Chaos” would assure he isn’t.

      • lol

        And would assure Northam who’d beat EW by 10 points more than Chopra will.

        • George from Cleveland

          Because Northam is white?

  • LOL

    Well, that’s not going to end well.

  • Bill D.

    This is so fitting. Cuccinelli thought he was king shit taking the nomination away from Bill Bolling. Now he gets to deal with EW for the next 5 months!!!! hehehe

    • George from Cleveland

      Mr. Bolling cut and run. There was no legal restriction barring him from competing, just the fact that he wasn’t willing to tell his own party’s base that he hated their guts.

      • Bill D.

        No they forced him out with the convention. If it was a primary he would have won, this was Cuccinelli’s way of avoiding that. The Tea Party extremists took over the convention.

        • George from Cleveland

          The polls indicated Bolling would have lost a primary.

          The only way Bolling would have won would have been to encourage enough Democrats to cross over, as Rick Snyder did in Michigan in 2010. Here’s the thing, why would any Democrats cross over to vote for him, as he would not be tacking left to win as he’s done since dropping out.

        • we were tired of democrats coming in and dictating who our candidates should be.

  • LOL

    How many days does Bill Bolling have to circulate petitions in order to get on the ballot?

  • Govgirl

    I like Jackson, and probably would have supported him if I was at the convention – you know they are scared when they are attacking with the “extremist” brush already, an when he isn’t even the nomineee yet!

    • I was a delegate and did support and vote for him each time. Already have signs in my car to put up – once it stops raining…

  • While my 1st choice didn’t prevail, my second choice did. It was wonderful to see the grassroots candidate prevail over the good ol’ boys of Richmond’s hand picked candidate! The grassroots guy, with almost no money, beat the establishment’s choice, the one with the all the money from across the country! In the last hours of the campaign, Pete’s campaign and their establishment supporters pulled every trick in the book, and it still wasn’t enough to overcome the will of the people. It was a wonderful sight to behold.

    • kelley in virginia

      but Mark Obenshain is the hand picked candidate of the VA GOP establishment.

      • RepubMom

        HA!! I hope that was tongue-in-cheek. Every Establishment I know voted
        Bell. Bell’s a great guy, but Obenshain’s a tea party favorite, and
        here’s to a tea party victory in November!!

    • pinecone321

      Agree Jeanine. The guy with no money, and also the one candidate you didn’t see flinging mud and getting down and dirty against the other candidates. He is probably the only one I wasn’t reading about being accused of dirty tricks. Perhaps future Republican candidates will learn that running campaigns like the Democrats do against the Republicans doesn’t work. We don’t need to give the Democrats fire to be used against our own candidate who is so beat up by his fellow Republicans they limp into the General election.

      I’m happy with the convention results as we got to choose our own ticket without the Democrats crossing over to give us the weakest choice among them.

      I hope this is a lesson to those who believe that the one who raises the most money has some big advantage.

      Finally, I am thrilled to see that there are not as many Ron Paul type supporters in the state as they would have you believe, just because they are a lot louder and in your face. We have maintained sanity. Congratulations Bishop EW Jackson, and thank you to all those that pushed him across a well deserved finish line. It’s a good day to be a Virginian.

      • PARDON, but the comment that Pastor Jackson has ‘no money’, appears a fantasy. Apparently Pastor Jackson has access to plenty of money. He is a Harvard-educated attorney. Didn’t he win a big lottery payout? And, doesn’t he have access to many millions of dollars of assets from his religious activities?

        • pinecone321

          EW Jackson probably raised the least amount in fundraising, go check the fundraising reports. I never addressed his personal financial position. Unlike the Democrats, I’m sure that Bishop Jackson doesn’t consider the funds raised for religious purposes to be his to stick his hand in and snatch anything he wants at any time, and for any reason.

          So he’s a Harvard educated attorney, so what. Are you resentful because he has wealth that your party would prefer to redistribute? Because Bishop Jackson is black, I expect the plantation owners/rulers to be out in full force calling him an Uncle Tom and much worse. For them black and conservative is the height of evil. How dare he not stay in his assigned place.

      • Bill D.

        The whole ticket is a “Ron Paul type” ticket. You have the extreme of the party in EW and Ken, and EW has run two businesses into the ground, has declared bankruptcy and didn’t pay his taxes for over 10 years. This is the #2 guy in Virginia, I think not!!!

        • This isn’t a Ron Paul type ticket. You’ve got two social conservatives in the top two slots. The libertarians are not even close to being social conservatives.

          • That is not entirely accurate.

          • I have not met a libertarian who is a social conservative, Turbo. The positions are kind of exactly the opposite of each other.

  • Brian

    Actually, EW Jackson was actually selected, or chosen, on every round of voting (which I believe was four rounds, not five), sometimes by nearly twice as many as the closest candidate. He became the nominee on the “FOURTH” round of voting because needing over 50% of the votes. …and Pete Snyder conceding. As each candidate dropped, EW appeared to gain a majority of those votes even though that candidate endorsed someone else.

    Hopefully we’ll see “Republicans” back the chosen, selected or nominated Republican LG candidate…however it needs spun.

    …and we’ll see more about giving people back their “individual freedom” rather than trying to maintain “collective” political power in Richmond.

  • Not tim

    Flash back to 1988- Maurice Dawkins, a in his 60’s minister, nabs senate nod with a fiery convention speech- goes on to get 29% of the of vote in November.

  • Pastor Jackson is well educated – from Harvard – and rich – didn’t he win some big lottery jackpot? – and has a rhetoric of powerful emotions – he’s a stirring preacher.

    Well educated, stirring preachers.

    So, was Dr Martin Luther King Jr. If he had been Virginian, and Republican (which many Black Americans has been historically, because that was the ‘Party of Lincoln) would the Virginia Republican Party nominate him? No. Why? Because Pastor King spoke relentless for the poor against the privileged who victimized the poor. & Virginia Republicans are the epitome of privileging privilege and disrespect for the poor.

    Why else would Virginia Republicans work so hard to get votes from rural Virginia – in the Southside, and SW – while allowing voters in those rural regions – Southside, and SW – to have such poor access to health care that they have MANY YEARS OF LIFE LESS that affluent Virginians, as much as 20 years LESS LIFE!

    So was the ‘first’ Martin Luther, of 16th century. If he had been Virginian, and Republican, would the Virginia Republican Party nominate him? No. Why? Because Luther presented arguments to dis-establish religious domination of political life. & Virginia Republicans purposefully seek to USE religious beliefs – and religious blasphemy – to motivate electoral politics.

    Why else would Virginia Republicans purposefully use false information, and falsely ‘quote’ holy scriptures, to suit purposes of electoral politics.

    we could go on.

    But, we hope that Pastor Jackson will NOT allow blasphemy (that we might define in a simple way as intentionally falsely quoting or applying holy scriptures, of any religion) and idolatry (that we might define in a simple way as intentionally putting a ‘carved image’ of God in the place of God the Creator (including images ‘carved’ in rhetoric and writing, speeches and sermons).

    The test for Pastor Jackson is whether he will NOT allow any blasphemy or idolatry in his campaign. God will know if he does, and hold him accountable.

  • Toby

    It was four rounds of voting – not five.

  • pinecone321

    Would anyone expect anything less from a party that supports those like Kermitt Gosnell?

  • DJRippert

    In the long grind of the governor’s election one of the best anti-McAuliffe arguments was that he never held elected office. Kind of hard to say much about that now. Let me guess – it’s OK for the Lt Governor to have never held elected office but not the Governor?

    Two right wing radicals on the ballot?

    Advice to the RPV – When you find yourself in a hole the first thing to do is stop digging.

    Is there still time for a late Bolling – Snyder run?

    • 40 Year Old Virginia Voter

      Agree 100%. The Convention was COMPLETELY out-of-touch. I need another party to attach myself to after last night.

      • George from Cleveland

        T-Mac thanks you, moby

        • 40 Year Old Virginia Voter

          For you all to ignore/disparage those of us who have always voted 100% Republican (22 year voter in Virginia) in the past but think our goals on who is electable statewide today is way off is just not keeping an eye on the bigger picture. You need everyone of our votes.

          • you didn’t think about the rest of us last year when we had no choice in the primary to select who would be better against obama. when you keep putting up moderate candidates you lose.

          • 40 Year Old Virginia Voter

            When Tea Party peeps get mad about the moderate candidates and choose not to vote, that is when we lose. We most certainly would be better off today if Romney won in Nov.

          • RepubMom

            You have the right results but drew the wrong conclusion. You can’t get excited about a candidate when he’s only a smidge better than the other guy. The reason we lost is because NO ONE was excited about our choice. The Establishment keeps sending semi-Dems down the pike thinking they know better than we do about what we want. Then they loose and blame everyone but themselves. When this ticket mops the floor with the Dems in November, they’ll take credit for it somehow or another but won’t realize that it’s because we picked our candidate, and we were over the top thrilled with them. Had Romney won, we’d be better off but only a few steps behind where we are now. The foundations have been being eroded for years.

      • then go join the rino party. that’s more your speed anyway. we are tired of big government, higher taxes and that’s why many of us voted for this ticket. go vote democrat. do whatever your heart’s desire. oh and by the way, Jackson won the Fairfax county delegates…that’s northern virginia – the liberal portion of our state that cost us winning in november.

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  • John Galt

    Long live the grassroots!

  • 40 Year Old Woman Voter

    I was at the Convention. The divide was old/young and it was very obvious. Younger people were out for the younger candidates but guess what? Only old people attend these things. There is no inspiration for a 18-45 year old voter when he sees this ticket. All young conservatives are being chased away by crazy and/or out of touch. We had some good solid candidates that would have brought over voters but this is going to make us the butt of every joke this fall. Everyone is going to be watching Virginia and laughing.

    The older voters do not care about what I care about – it’s not just about lower taxes/protecting unborn babies. There are other concrete issues out there – job creation, education – none of this was talked about. It was just “Taxes bad. Unborn babies good. Guns good” We cannot continue to be the party that is decaying from within but it feels like a very old, very white, slow moving train straight to being a Blue State for a long, long time. I was very disappointed with this Convention.

    • George from Cleveland

      Note which issue is placed at the top of the list.

      None of the candidates running would be classified as “young”. As far as I knew, Pete was the youngest at 40, the rest of us call that over the hill.

      If the voters want a blue state rather than what the convention offers, then it’s the fault of the voters, if they get a bad economy because they hate social conservatism and “old, white men” , a part of me says “they deserve it”.

      • 40 Year Old Virginia Voter

        I’m one delegate and I did my part. We need statewide electability and I’m not so certain we got it with this ticket.

        • George from Cleveland

          The Ticket is more “diverse” than in 2009. If electability means Bloomberg’s favorite candidates, then I would rather lose.

        • i was a delegate and I also did my mart by helping to elect E. W. He can reach the very people we need to win that the white folks can’t reach. He has a wide appeal. I’m white and love E. W. Apparently so did many others at the convention. Just read that he may have reached over 55% of the delegates.

          • George from Cleveland

            I didn’t support Jackson, but he is a skilled orator, and certainly a strong campaigner. This will be quite a competition, the question of fundraising comes into play as well.

    • RepubMom

      We attended the same Convention but walked away with different takes. I thought it crossed all age groups. Pete & Stimpson did indeed have lots of young folks, but the old Establishment lost. Their guys lost. This is a strongly Conservative, tea party ticket. I’m also in that age range you mentioned, and I love this ticket. Best thing to happen in VA politics in a good long while. And my take on those folks watching Virginia: they’ll look and start to take heart and have hope that there is some chance America will stand. If our team loses in November, America doesn’t stand a chance. Most folks lost all hope last November. We’re giving those folks a breath of fresh air to revive their spirits. We’re providing hope for America. On to victory, folks!!

      • I too was a delegate and am in my early 60s. I did not like the way these younger candidates staffers treated E. W. and Rob Bell during the ballot process. E. W. is a former marine, a lawyer, a business owner and a minister. He has more experience than many of these other candidates put together. He speaks truth and that is why so many of those in the party – the rinos – don’t like him.

        • 40 Year Old Virginia Voter

          If you only see your reality at the Convention than you might be blind to what is going on outside of the Republican bubble.

      • 40 Year Old Virginia Voter

        Providing “hope” is the EXACT same vapid campaign Obama ran on in 2008. I want concrete goals to achieve more jobs, lower taxes, smaller government. Hope alone means nothing to me.

        • RepubMom

          I don’t know about you, but after a long battle HOPE is exactly what I’m looking for. Lots of folks have basically given up since Obama’s re-election. We’re being attacked on all sides. When I hear the Cavalry’s coming, I get excited. From your POV, you might just be on the wrong side of the fight, I dunno, maybe you’re just beyond despair and all the way to apathy. This ticket excites me and ought to energize those who’ve been fighting and are concerned for our nation. At least our home front will be well manned. Ain’t no moderates or RINOs here, this is the ticket I’ve been waiting for the Repubs to hand down, and it took the grassroots to scoot the Establishment outta the way to get it here. (It’s just an added plus that the Establishment is a bit miffed 🙂 Get on board with it instead of mullygrubbing about it. Let’s roll!

  • erroneous information. it was not 5 ballots – it was only 4. I was there for the entire thing. E. W. is not extreme. He speaks truth unlike the democrats i.e. mcauliffe, clintons and obama.

  • “a small group of Republican Party insiders” attended the Republican convention, huh? I made over a hundred campaign calls to poll people going to the convention and see who they were voting for, and half said they were not going, and those people ALL were NOT voting for Jackson anyway. So maybe it’s called Jackson’s supporters are doers, not hearers and followers. Maybe it’s called when a real conservative – not a moderate or conservative wannabe – is up and outspoken, those fed up with Republican BS will come out of the woodwork and throw their entire being into getting the guy in office. Maybe it’s called Jackson’s stirred up a will, and with a will, there’s a way. Maybe it’s called with God, all things are possible.

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