McAuliffe launches a soft ad

Terry McAuliffe has joined the broadcast ad race with this entry, titled “Youngest of Four”:

Lot’s of family pictures — goofy childhood shots are always a nice touch. Entrepreneur, go-getter, wants to focus on jobs for Virginians.

But it feels empty. Watch it and then go do something else for a few minutes. What do you remember from the ad? What does Terry want to do? I dunno. Like that picture of his birthday party, though.

Soft, gauzy ads are useful tools for making us like candidates. And on that score, this ad is pretty good. But it goes not a step further. We have no more idea of what McAuliffe would do as governor than before. Except he might come to our door and see if we want our driveway repaved because he bought too much sealer, doesn’t want to waste it and will give us a great deal (if we pay in cash).