BREAKING: U.S. Senator Rand Paul Endorses Christopher Stearns for State Senate

Here’s your exclusive — reactions to follow, I’m sure…

The firehouse primary is May 9th.  It is widely suspected and assumed that Rep. Randy Forbes is behind Delegate John Cosgrove at the moment.  Turnout — and nothing else — will determine this sprint to the finish line.

043013_RandPaul_StearnsEndorsement by Shaun Kenney

  • I’ll take Randy’s endorsement over Rand’s any day of the week. This moves no needle here in the 14th. Chris has no service experience. No community experience. No legislative experience. In other words – he’s a lot of talk and no action.

    • Chris Beer

      I think his (brief) career has proven he is far from “no action.”

    • What is the value of “legislative experience”?

      • Erik Udovich

        Legislative experience means that you will be more skilled at using the coercive power of the State to confiscate the property of the people and destroy their liberty. Case in point: John Cosgrove.

      • You might as well ask the guy coming to fix your air conditioner what the value of having HVAC experience is. Come on.

        Chris is a smart guy. Don’t undermine him by trying to pretend experience doesn’t matter.

        • But if you want someone to fix your roof, it doesn’t matter how much experience the HVAC guy has, does it? Only after identifying the problem can we determine whether any given experience is relevant. If knowing how to glad-hand and work the system were the only things at stake, you’d have a point. At best stuff like “legislative experience” is a tiebreaker between two otherwise equal candidates.

          Given his record, I don’t consider John Cosgrove to be even in the same ballpark as Chris Stearns. Give me a Republican who can abide by the RPV Creed over one who seems interested in little more than paying it lip service any day.

          • Why is experience at doing a certain job considered a tie breaker? You guys place far more emphasis on ideology than you should. It’s the difference between hiring somebody with a college degree straight out of school and hiring somebody with 10 years of experience without the degree.

            For the record, this isn’t about Chris or John – I like both of them and I consider Chris a friend. My point is more generic, and goes to a constant line of argument you guys tend to make that I just can’t understand.

          • Experience is a tiebreaker for the same reason that if I have a leaky roof I’m only interested in talking to roofing guys, not HVAC guys. Refer me to a roofer with 25 years of experience and good reviews and I’ll pick him over the guy with 5 years of experience and good reviews. But there’s no sense at all in picking the HVAC guy with 25 years of experience over the roofing guy with 5 years of experience if the job I want done is roof repair. In other words, experience only matters if its experience doing the right thing.

            Ideology is important because it’s worse than pointless to win elections by putting people in office who are very accomplished/experienced at doing the wrong things. Hopefully that helps you to understand “us guys” a little better.

          • That’s the problem, Joseph. Doing the “right” thing is subjective, whereas having or not having legislative experience is objective. You’ve either got it or you don’t. Having it is always a plus, not having it is always a negative. You can overcome the negative some other way – by saying the right things on the issues – but for me, at least, I put value on the ability to do the job, most of which has nothing to do with ideology.

            Governing is hard, and no amount of ideology is going to help you when you’re faced with an issue that pits different parts of your ideology against each other. Or when you’re dealing with an issue that has zero ideology involved in it.

        • HVAC repair is a technical trade, and legislating is not. Good judgement does not come about by being there for years. Peter Farrell was a freshman delegate, and his performance was far better than the Speaker’s. Tom Garrett and Bryce Reeves were freshman senators, and their performance was far superior to Senator Blevins’. Ideology is more important than chronology. Good principals are what matters.

          • Legislating is absolutely a technical trade. Ideology does not matter when 95% of the things that happen are not ideological.

          • A rookie like Stearns is preferable to a veteran like Cosgrove.

          • And that’s a fine assessment to make. I just disagree with the attacks some make on experience or the claim that experience doesn’t matter, because it does.

            You want someone who is right on the issues and experienced enough to put good ideas into action. It’s not enough to have only one or the other.

    • Cosgrove has experience alright.. for more taxes. He also put forth an HB for the benefit of incumbents.

      Tea Party is all about supporting Stearns.

    • Hello, hope you’re doing well this evening.

      Just thought it would be appropriate to mention that Chris and I have volunteered in an assortment of community programs; a couple examples would be activities working with: Great Bridge Rotary, Home-A-Rama trash collection, Paint Your Heart Out, and Rotary Rumble.

    • You’re all making great points. I know Chris has been very active in the liberty movement. That said, his experience here in the 14th is, what, three weeks since he moved to the district?

      • Lived there a mere 19 years..

        • real truther

          dude, he lived in Portsmouth. It was not even in the district until redistricting in 2011, and he lived in a precinct that was in Louise Lucas’ district.

          Fact: He moved into the district to run, get over it and move on.

          • Same address for nearly 2 decades, truther.

          • real truther

            yes, living with mommy and daddy

          • oh I get it, you didn’t live with your mommy and daddy for nearly 2 decades so you’re bitter. Poor widdle baby 🙁

    • pinecone321

      But that is exactly who the Paul supporters want, those with no experience. That is exactly why their candidates lose a majority of the time. People want to know how someone has acted while in an elected position. The Paul supporters seem to want those that have never before been accountable to any voters in the past. That has not been a winning strategy.

      • Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, David Schweikert, Walter Jones, Raul Labrador, Kerry Bentivolio, Ted Yoho…

        Yup, a long list of losers. So many lost primaries and general elections. Such terrible Club For Growth scores. Just another group of out-of-touch politicians who won’t stand up for their principles.

        Why do these Paul people even bother?

  • It is obvious that Mr. Stearns does not have any legislative experience. However, by what criteria are you evaluating his service and community experience?

  • Solid endorsement, but I think Morton Blackwell’s support may carry a little more weight inside Virginia for a race of that level. Impressive, nonetheless. Chris was all over the Commonwealth in 2012 busting his tail for the Paul campaign, and he represented them well in Tampa, both as a delegate and on the Platform Committee.

  • I asked these questions a week ago to Chris directly, and have yet to get a response:

    Why should I vote for you? Why should you represent me and the district in Richmond over Cosgrove? What experience do you have? What qualifies you to be a state Senator?

    I wasn’t trying to be flip. I want to know how I, as a voter and potential future constituent, should trust him?

    A Rand Paul endorsement is great – congrats. But Rand Paul has never been to the 14th State Senate District and Stearns has lived here mere days.

    I’ve lived here for a couple decades. Why should I trust him to represent my interests in Richmond?

    I think that’s a fair question.

    • “Stearns has lived here mere days.” Is that a typo JR? Should read “Stearns has lived here 19 years.”

    • What qualifies Cosgrove to be a State Senator? I can think of 680 Million reasons why you shouldn’t trust Cosgrove to represent your interests in Richmond.

      Unless you’re interested in higher taxes of course, Mr. Hoeft.

  • Way to go Stearns. This is huge.

  • pinecone321

    Your work on my father’s campaign was phenominal, and I am now paying you back for that support in endorsing you. I’m against all this elitist quid pro quo stuff, but I’m not above doing the same. I’m Rand Paul and I will support everyone that has no political experience or credentials. I love and adore anyone who supported my dad. Here is your endorsement Mr. Stearns.

  • Please correct me if I am wrong. Chairman Stearns has cut more taxes for Virginia tax payers than Delegate Cosgrove has through his ability to get convention support throughout the State Central Committee. Cosgrove has voted for all these tax increases. He has produced millions of dollars in savings for Virginia through the nominating process of conventions in the RPV. Stearns also served on the Platform Committee for the National Republican Party. I think that is a rather quintessential addition to his resume when you consider his young age. Talking down on this candidate at this point seems to be nothing more than bias to his opponent. I think the slogan “records over rhetoric” is important right now. At such a young age Stearns has proven to have a record of getting results. If he is advocating for lower taxes and government reforms, as conservative elected officials should be, I think its fair to say that he will get results.

    • Keith, the change between a primary and a convention didn’t result in any tax cuts.

      • Erik Udovich

        No, but it did result in reduced government spending which means that there is more money left over in the state coffers for people like Cosgrove to piss away on something capricious, arbitrary, and better served by the free market.

  • You can’t defend Cosgrove unless you can defend higher taxes, bigger government, and the status quo. The anonymous folks who’ve tried (in vain) to make their points are just desperate.

    Only anonymous throw-away accounts have defended Mr. tax-and-spend, transportation tax, Establishment guy. They’re afraid to stand behind Cosgrove’s record, which is abysmal. C’mon out of the shadows, folks.

    Even Morton Blackwell, the most respected grassroots conservative in Virginia, has thrown his support behind Stearns. So, those who argue “experience” matters can move on.

    If experience raising your taxes and growing your government is important to you, vote for Cosgrove.

    • I take that back: only anonymous accounts and intellectually dishonest moderators…

      • Right… because only intellectually dishonest people can support someone who voted for the transportation bill?

        This is why you guys have trouble winning elections – you can’t simply disagree with policy, you need – desperately – to make it personal.

  • Local Shad Planker

    Haters gonna hate. Statists gonna state.

  • ADS

    How would Chris Stearns propose we fix Virginia’s transportation problems?

    Let’s face it, the angst over Cosgrove comes from his vote on the transportation bill, so I’d like to hear Stearns’s ideas. Not on how he would’ve voted, but how he would propose to increase the efficiency of our commerce without raising revenues from a service that has received 25 years of continuous tax cuts, i.e., the fuel tax.

    • Erik Udovich

      How do Texas and Florida survive without an income tax? If VA was a low tax state maybe you would have an argument but when I see high VA income tax, ridiculous personal property tax, high real estate tax, ridiculous restaurant tax, high sales tax, etc… I do not accept the argument that we have not thrown enough money at this so-called transportation problem. The transportation bill is a scam, it will not solve any problems, but a bunch of contractors will get rich at our expense. And for an encore they will start giving us tolls, just wait and see.

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