Tea Party umbrella groups endorse Stewart and Obenshain (Updated)

The Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation and the Middle Resolution have completed what they deem as “the most exhaustive, thorough, and objective vetting project in Virginia” and have announced their endorsement of Mark Obenshain for Attorney General and Corey Stewart for Lieutenant Governor.

An email on the endorsements acknowledged that these picks might cause some disagreements:

To preclude a wide split of the conservative vote, the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation requests you give serious consideration to respect and follow the results of this extensive vetting process.

The split will happen anyway.


From the official press release on the endorsements:

“Corey Stewart placed first in the joint Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation/Middle Resolution comprehensive Lieutenant Governor candidate vetting process, held on April 26 – 27,” said Mark Daugherty, Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation Chairman. “Senator Mark Obenshain earned first place in the Attorney General candidate vetting competition,” Daugherty added.

Angie Parker, Executive Director of Middle Resolution PAC, noted, “The Lieutenant Governor race has been very competitive with a field of excellent candidates. We are pleased that Corey Stewart demonstrated a strong grasp of the constitutional principles of limited government and individual liberty during his questioning. Furthermore, Mr. Stewart has a well-organized and well-financed campaign.” Parker added, “Senator Mark Obenshain delivered an outstanding performance during his interview. This proven strength, combined with a vigorous statewide campaign, places Mark in a good position for both the May 18th nominating convention and November 5th general election.”

Over 200 Virginia Tea Party and Middle Resolution members from 31 groups across the state took part in the vetting session, each completing scorecards based on the candidates’ responses during live interviews. Identical questions on constitutional principles principles, policy, and political philosophy were asked of each candidate; candidates were not given questions beforehand.

Campaign viability was also factored into the evaluation. Participating Tea Party groups and Middle Resolution members will share the knowledge gained
from the two-day vetting process with over 1,000 convention delegates from their respective groups. These delegates will then support Corey Stewart and Mark Obenshain for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General, respectively, at the May 17-18th Republican Nominating Convention in Richmond where a multiple ballot process will lead to the selection of a Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor and a single ballot process will determine the Republican nominee for Attorney General.

Or those delegates may choose to support someone else. We shall have to wait and see. However, there can be no denying that this endorsement will help Stewart and Obenshain at the convention. Perhaps enormously. But again, we shall have to wait and see.

  • Jake

    I’m going to challenge this vetting process. All the conservatives in prince william county know that Corey has raised taxes every year (except this year) that he’s been in office. Prince William County has the highest tax rate in the commonwealth because of Corey.

  • Greg L

    One VA Tea Party Patriots affiliate in Prince William Countuy had no idea this was happening and the other objected on the grounds that the vetting process was unfair and refused to back the results. I think it is VERY telling that neither of the Tea Party groups in Prince William County are endorsing Corey Stewart.

    Here’s what the Prince William Tea Party said to their members:

    Dear PWCTPP Delegate:

    The Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation completed a vetting of the candidates for LT. Governor and Attorney General on Saturday, April 27, 2013. After getting feedback from participants, we believe the process was flawed. It didn’t take into account the candidate’s voting records or public records of those candidates that had not held office. It focused on unlikely scenarios, and asked candidates who were their favorite philosopher and economist. It did not address issues.

    Therefore, the Prince William Tea Party Patriots does not support the vetting process. We will not endorse any candidate for Lt. Governor or Attorney General recommended by the Federation. Please feel free to vote your conscious at the Republican Convention on May 18, 2013.

    Nancy Schiffman

    Chairwoman, PWCTPP for the Board of Directors

  • Jared

    Here is Corey Stewart arguing in favor of a 4% annual tax increase to
    build the county’s infrastructure. Sounds like the McDonnell plan to
    me… http://youtu.be/XqrS4KMf3sw

  • How many times can I scream “These people are running for Lt. Governor”? Their positions on issues will never come into play during their four-year term. The only thing that will matter is how efficiently they can cut ribbons at industry grand opening ceremonies.

    But at least this doesn’t compare to the sheer awesomeness that was the Allen West endorsement of that guy that looks like Barney Rubble. That was a Hoeft-y sized gamechanger for me. Yawn.

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