The Score this week: GreenTech sues, Scott moderates, and the Gipper and Silent Cal

scott_leeOn this podcast edition of “The Score” radio show…

Scott Lee takes the mic back from Doc Thompson, and dives right back into the political soup. Joining Scott on the show is Jason Stverak, president of the Franklin Center, whose website was sued by Terry McAuliffe’s former electric car company, GreenTech, for defamation. They talk about the suit’s real aim, and whether this will stop the Franklin Center from investigating either GreenTech or McAuliffe.

Our special correspondent, Rick Sincere, catches up with the Cato Institute’s Dan “Bulldog” Mitchell to discuss Ronald Reagan and Calvin Coolidge. How do they compare? Who was a better president?

Scott also talks with Mike Pollock and Steve Rossie, the host committee chairman and chief organizer, respectively, of the GOP lieutenant governor forum to be held on Tuesday April 30 at Richmond’s Benedictine High School (doors open at 6 PM). This promises to be a no-softball-questions event, so for the candidates: buckle-up.

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