A Matter Of Life Or Death

Coffee with Clyde. Always makes for an interesting morning, and yesterday was an interesting morning.

After Rita poured my coffee and took my order back to Chris in the kitchen Clyde spoke up. Laying his paper down he turned to me and said, “I just can’t wrap my head around this abortion stuff.

“Liberals claim it ain’t a life until it breathes air, and some of ’em don’t even want to rush that. Take for example that guy up in Philadelphia. It turns out that he was pulling ’em out and cutting they little heads off. Then trowing ’em on the floor.

“Don’t even get me started on global warming.”

Yeah, Clyde often jumps around while coming to a conclusion. I let him because I know he will somehow make it relevant.

lab“Those same scientists that liberals say must be believed on global warming will all tell you, each and every one of ’em will tell you that a sperm cell is alive. They’ll say the same about an egg cell.

“Somehow though those two live cells come together and start dividin’ and suddenly become not life?

“Reminds me of an old George Seinfeld routine. Or maybe Jerry Carlin. One of ’em anyway said, ‘Ya know how you sometimes hear people say poor old Alfred. Died suddenly the other day. Well, don’t we all? Ya know, you’re alive…you’re alive…you’re alive…you’re dead.’

“I guess they think like that on the other end of life. You’re a blob….you’re a blob….you’re a blob….you’re born!

“Yeah, it’s really hard to understand. Two indisputably live cells come together to become a lifeless form, only then to become indisputably alive when mom ejects it.”

Finally I was able to join the conversation. “Clyde you got a way of cutting right to gist of it.”

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