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Amateur Day On The 16th HoD Campaign Trail.

Some time ago, in my days as a baby blogger, one blog I followed a lot was scolded for the use of the Seal of the Commonwealth of Virginia on its masthead.

Sic Semper Tyrannis [1] promptly changed their masthead, and promised to go forth and sin no more.

error [2]Here in Southside Virginia someone else is about to receive that same scolding.

Ken Bowman is a Republican candidate for Don Merrick’s soon to be vacant seat.

Now the 16th HoD district is not mine, but it’s awfully close.

Like across the street close.

My mailbox is in the 16th district. My bedroom is not.

At first glance Mr. Bowman seems to be a good guy. But he has started off on the wrong foot. He is using the seal on his website [3] and his Facebook page [4]. Along with a few other errors.

Even worse, his Facebook link [5] to his campaign website leads to a 404 Page Not Found error. With no “paid for” disclaimer.

Sure, this is small beans, but it’s such small beans that no campaign should not know better.

Mr. Bowman, get yourself a professional campaign manager. (No, I’m not available. I’m not even a professional.) Do what he says. Learn stuff [6]. Until then you are not qualified to spend my tax money.