Hey Terry, exactly how many jobs was GreenTech supposed to create again?

It’s been a long week for the Terry McAuliffe for New York Florida Mississippi Virginia campaign, with story after story coming out about the Macker’s ambitious and truncated tenure at GreenTech Automotive, a resume point supposed to demonstrate McAuliffe’s business leadership and expertise at creating jobs. How many jobs, you ask? Depends on the day.

“Denmark has bought GreenTech’s first year of production, about 110 cars, which will be manufactured at a temporary plant in Horn Lake, Miss. McAuliffe is opening a permanent factory in nearby Tunica, which will eventually employ 350 workers.” — LINK

“I also talked to McAuliffe, and he said the company was planning on at least 400 employees in Tunica, Miss., with 3,500 indirect jobs.” — LINK

“Mr. McAuliffe said the venture would employ 900 workers in Mississippi by the end of the year, as well as create many jobs indirectly.” — LINK

“Tunica County will become home to a new hybrid automobile development and manufacturing facility that will initially employ 1,500 with a $1 billion investment.” — LINK

“We can achieve two important goals at once. We can provide China with clean technology and help reduce carbon emissions in the country,” said McAuliffe, chairman of GreenTech, in an Aug. 6 press release about the China factory. The China project will create 2,000 jobs for Americans, he said. — LINK

“I’m going to announce another major plant this year, which is going to be 3,000 – 5,000 jobs.” – Terry McAuliffe — LINK

“GTA plans to create thousands of “green collar” jobs across Mississippi, Tennessee and Virginia.  At full production, GTA will create over 4,000 new US jobs.” — LINK

“McAuliffe has announced his intent is to eventually create 4,500 new jobs for the electric auto manufacturing firm in Virginia as well as Tennessee and Mississippi.” — LINK

“Production of MyCar and its derivatives, plus the all-new vehicles to be added to the product portfolio will lead to the formation of 5,000 new direct and indirect jobs in Mississippi and the vendor base nationwide,” GreenTech boldly says on its Web site.” — LINK

“Former President Bill Clinton and former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour were on hand to help celebrate GTA’s relocation to the U.S. The company is expected to create 426 new jobs and support about 7,400 more.” — LINK

As for how many employees GreenTech actually has, according to the most up-to-date figure I can find:

“As of July [2012] there were 67 employees in the northern Mississippi sites (Tunica/Horn Lake) and eight employees in the McLean, Virginia office.” — LINK

I guess it’s kind of hard to hit a moving target. Though look at the bright side! This means if GreenTech does go under, which industry experts predict and which would fulfill its comparison to Solyndra, at least it won’t be another 10,000 workers who lose their jobs like Global Crossing, the company McAuliffe invested in and profited $8 million from before it went bust. So, Progress.

In the meantime, McAuliffe quietly resigned as Chairman of GreenTech back in December without telling anybody (would that make it seven McLean employees now?) and is promising to bring his business track record to the Governor’s Mansion.

On a related note, here is crash-test footage for GreenTech’s MyCar:

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