T-Mac Hustles For GreenTech (and why it doesn’t all add up)

Jason Kenney (yes — Jason the Younger in the parlance of some) has uncovered a gold mine of some pretty dirty dealing that Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe has unfortunately spent the better part of 20 years cultivating around his persona.

Namely, the fine art of the dirty deal:

Last week Politico broke the news that Terry McAuliffe quietly stepped down as chairman of GreenTech Automotive on December 1, 2012. Yet for months his campaign has touted his Chairmanship and failed to correct any media reports continuing to cite him as Chairman of GreenTech.

This omission isn’t the first time McAuliffe has gotten in trouble with his claims concerning GreenTech. In December, McAuliffe took heat for GreenTech’s decision to build a factory in Mississippi instead of Virginia, pushing back by saying that Virginia’s Economic Development Partnership turned his pitch down. That statement quickly fell apart as it was revealed that GreenTech never finished the incentive application, with PolitiFact finding that not only was McAuliffe lying about the process, but that VEDP did not know that GreenTech has decided to go with Mississippi until they read it in the paper.

Read it all.  This story is not going away.

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