Is the McDonnell “wedding gift scandal” just a settling of old scores?

The press is still in a tizzy over the $15,000 wedding gift to Gov. Bob McDonnell’s daughter. Is it a scandal? Is this the story that finally strips away McDonnell’s teflon and makes him damaged goods for a possible 2014 run against Mark Warner?

Let’s just take a step back and think about this for a second. Where is the prime mover of this story — the Washington Post — getting its information? Mark Holmberg has a theory:

Interesting. This whole thing could be about settling old scores.

  • …and interesting that even Don McEachin dissembled. That second video is telling, indeed.

    • MD Russ


      There is an old truism in the military. It is not the outstanding performer who will be the whistle-blower. It is always some scum bag with a grudge. That, however, does not make the wrong-doing any less so. McDonnell’s judgement was incredibly poor in this case, even if he didn’t technically violate the law. It strains credibility to the breaking point to think that there was no connection between a $15,000 gift and the business interests of Star Scientific.

      • Couldn’t agree more. Wapo sucks 🙂 but McD is a moron if he thinks this is acceptable behavior by the state’s chief executive.

  • Ken Cuccinelli and Delegate Ben Cline have stepped forward to call for tighter disclosure laws and I think that’s a good thing. After the time I spent aro

  • …around there, it’s disgusting to see how our legislators sell their souls for a steak…or in this case, $15000 gift disguised as a wedding present.

    • Ben, come on. Do you honestly think the Governor is going to be swayed by a $15k gift to his daughter? This is the same Governor whose fundraising has been through the roof for the last four years. Nobody sells their soul for a steak or a gift for their kid.

      • Yes. Just ask Phil Hamilton.

        • Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn….

          • Phil Hamilton wasn’t the sitting governor. Duke Cunningham and Bill Jefferson aren’t average, either. Most politicians aren’t crooks, and anybody willing to actually solicit or take bribes gets caught because they’re stupid.

          • Hamilton was more powerful than the governor. Governors come and go. Hamilton controlled a committee (HWI) and was vice chairman of appropriations.

          • Not really. We can debate who has more power, but I’m willing to bet if Phil could have been governor, he’d have traded jobs in a heartbeat. Regardless, one bad apple doesn’t spoil the bunch.

  • DJRippert

    Whether the $15,000 gift is legal or not isn’t the question. Whether McDonnell should have disclosed the gift or not isn’t the question. The questions are … How could McDonnell be so stupid? and Is there any requirement for ethics in the Virginia state government?

    McDonnell took a $15,000 gift from the CEO of a company that has engaged in multiple dealings with the state (including being the recipient of a VEDP grant). Is our governor a destitute homeless person? If one of my friends offered to pay $15,000 for a party for one of my kids, I’d say no! In fact, I’d be insulted. But not Bobby Mac. Wink, wink, thanks for the envelope full of money. I’ve seen turnips with enough common sense not to take that money.

    Virginia allows people with business ties to the state to give gifts to elected officials? Seriously? How slimy is Richmond? Has you ever given anybody (other than a relative) a $15,000 gift? Has anybody ever given you a $15,000 gift? This just doesn’t happen in “the real world”. However, in the mucus coated hallways of our state capital it’s a common event, I guess. Disgraceful.

  • George from Cleveland

    This gives me the wrong vibes. If Bob wants to run against Mark in 2014, this will rear its ugly head again.

  • It’s after session; of course it’s slow! Heh

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