Republicans Line Up to Run for Lacey Putney’s Seat

Less than a week has passed since the iconic “Gentleman from Bedford,” Del. Lacey Putney, announced his retirement, but the race to keep his longtime seat in Republican hands is well underway.  Three candidates have already announced their intentions to pursue the GOP’s nomination for the 19th District seat, with a fourth candidate expected to announce on later this week.  The nominee will be selected in a Firehouse Primary on May 7th.

So far, the announced candidates are:

Jim Crosby, a longtime Republican activist in Botetourt County, 19th House District chair, and a former member of the RPV’s State Central Committee.  In a campaign announcement that was largely biographical, Crosby emphasized his close ties to the outgoing Del. Putney and his long service to the Republican Party, as well as his commitment to the Republican Creed:

During his many years of service in the Republican Party both in Botetourt County, the 6th Congressional District, the 19th Delegate District and the Republican Party of Virginia, Crosby has been a champion for Conservative Principles as clearly spelled out in Virginia Republican Creed. If he is given the opportunity to serve the people in the 19th Delegate District, Crosby will continue to be that consistent Champion for those Principles and will be a responsible representative of his constituents in Richmond.

Jerry Johnson (no relation), who challenged Del. Putney in 2011 as a Republican–and held Putney to 41 percent in a three-way race–is back for another shot at the 19th District seat.  In his campaign announcement, Johnson states that if elected, he will propose a 28th Amendment to the federal constitution that would repeal the 17th Amendment, change the number of U.S. Senators, and limit the terms for federal judges.

This process is realistic, Constitutional and can be accomplished. Every Stae Representative I have spoken to about the process states: ” You can’t do that”. Everyone should read the U. S. constitution, Article 5, comprehend what is written and then understands that the power to Amend the Constitution is restricted to the States only and such action is not forbidden in either the U.S. or Virginia Constitution. The State Legislature should and can control the Federal Government with this Amendment. Johnson ask for your support and vote in the Republican Primary occurring in May 2013 [sic].

Jim McKelvey, who sought the Republican nomination for the 5th Congressional District seat in 2010, and has since aided Republican candidates in Central, Southside, and Southwestern Virginia with his Take America Back PAC.  In his press release, McKelvey emphasized his opposition to both the recent Medicaid expansion and transportation bill, as well as reaffirmed his commitment to term limits (a hallmark of his 2010 campaign), which would stand in stark contrast to the outgoing delegate who represented the 19th District for 52 years:

My goals for the general assembly are [sic]:
  • reduce the regulatory burden on businesses especially small businesses to help create jobs
  • reduce taxes
  • follow and preserve the US and Virginia Constitutions
  • preserve our freedom
  • cut the size and scope of the state government
I am not running for delegate to become a career politician. I will limit myself to no more than 8years and will propose legislation to limit the terms of our statewide officials to 8years. Our system of governing has been corrupted by career politicians who are more concerned with winning elections and maintaining their power than by serving “we the people”
A fourth candidate, Zach Martin, who currently sits on the RPV’s Central Committee and has worked with numerous campaigns, including George Allen’s campaign last year, is expected to announce his intention to run for the 19th District seat later this week.
So far, no Democrat has announced for the 19th District seat.  After challenging Del. Putney every two years since 2007, a Lewis Medlin candidacy seems likely.
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