Fusaro: JMDD’s Double Dealing on Guns, Taxes Must End


Nate Boyer looks on as Jeannemarie Devolites-Davis addresses the Bedford GOP

I’ve been staying on the sidelines of the LG’s race so far, but in the past few days I’ve seen and heard things so challenging that it has forced me off the sidelines.

For background I want to offer that I and my family are no strangers to the criminal use of firearms against innocent victims.  In 1982 when I returned from a successful summer of training at Marine Corps OCS in Quantico, Virginia, I found my sister Susan in a full hip cast as she was preparing to leave for her first year of college in Beloit, Wisconsin.

She had been shot on the street in a robbery in Baltimore, Maryland.

Maryland is a state that is effectively a giant victim disarmament zone where pointy-headed liberals have the run of the place, and criminals have been given a safe work place environment. The underage thug who shot my sister for her purse clearly didn’t submit to Maryland’s waiting period before he got his gun. He didn’t seek government permission for a government approved firearm from bureaucrats sitting in some central records office deciding who was and who was not fit to exercise a constitutional right.

In that exchange back in 1982, the problem was, and continues to be, the victim was the one who was disarmed by stupid laws designed to comfort social weepers.

Back then I didn’t  and I do not now, agree with the likes of President Barack Obama, New York Mayor “Nanny” Bloomberg, and defeated Virginia State Senator Jeannemarie Devolites-Davis that banning concealed weapons from public places and destroying gun shows by banning non-government approved private sales of firearms between law-abiding citizens – a big-government, freedom-destroying scheme – will make us safer and protect us from criminals.  It will make government tyranny easier and less restrained.

Now I want to say I respect the ruthless political skills of Jeannemarie Devolites-Davis. She’s one of the better speakers on the current campaign trail.  But I have to say Jeannemarie simply has no shame.  She seems willing to do and say anything to get back into elected office.

When Davis was facing defeat in her State Senate District in the closing days of her 2007 campaign she chose to make gun control the number one issue in her race and abandoned the Second Amendment to run to the LEFT of her opponent, a Northern Virginia Democrat.  I proudly worked to defeat her as a grassroots member of the Virginia Citizens Defense League.  In her failed campaign, Jeannemarie brought in leading gun control advocate NYC Mayor Michael ” Nanny” Bloomberg to endorse her and campaign on her behalf to “out gun control” Northern Virginia Democrat Chap Petersen.

Davis blasted her Democrat opponent on national television and in TV ads for being “out of touch” with Northern Virginia because he voted for a minor exception to banning guns at schools in Fairfax County. No surprise, Davis was the only Republican State Senator to receive an “F” rating from the NRA.  Davis’ last ditch effort to hang onto power failed miserably as Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike punished her at the polls. Jeannemarie was soundly trounced by Northern Virginia voters in that election yet she continues to brag about how “electable” she is as a candidate.

I’ve been one of many Virginia grassroots advocates on the 2nd Amendment and gun-owner rights since 1987, and I thought I’ve seen it all in my time, but I continue to be amazed by the contradictory actions, attacks and position changes of Jeannemarie Devolites-Davis.

Now that Jeannemarie wants to get back into office, does she really think we are all fools with no memory of her anti-gun attacks.  In her current campaign for Lt. Governor, she claims to be a conservative, this is after she described herself as “non-partisan” and even a RINO (Republican In Name Only) to audiences and the media in 2007.  Davis has claimed on several occasions during forums to be against “gun free zones” and even had the audacity to attack one of her Republican opponents at a debate in the 9th Congressional District, of all places, on this issue.

The issue was a vote to ban guns at William and Mary where the BOV is controlled by a cozy silk-stocking, wine-and-brie crowd Jeannemarie and Nanny Bloomberg would have been quite comfortable with at their 2007 press conference.  They rammed it through while one of the few conservative members was absent from the room.

So not only was Davis’ charge false, but Davis wants us to forget that she was for “gun free zones” before she was against them. But stay tuned. She might flip-flop again.  This is very entertaining coming from a desperate, defeated former politician who is currently running radio ads chiding “politicians who say one thing and do another”.

I’ve been involved in gun rights politics for a long time but I’ve never seen any politician with the ability to shape-shift as Jeannemarie Devolites-Davis does. But she does make it fun to watch.

Jeannemarie is wrong on the Second Amendment.  Jeannemarie Davis is also wrong on taxes, even stating to the Washington Post that she’d “try her darnedest”  to pass Democrat Senate Leader Dick Saslaw’s income tax increase.  She has raised taxes more than any candidate I see running for statewide office in either party.  Jeannemarie is simply shameless and MUST BE STOPPED.

Each and every Republican candidate for lieutenant governor needs to be asked to pledge not to support Jeannemarie on ANY ballot.  Urge all of these fine conservative and 2nd Amendment defending candidates NOT to cut a deal with Jeannemarie Devolites-Davis.

It’s time for her political career and double-dealing on the 2nd Amendment to end.


Dennis Fusaro is a former Virginia Citizens Defense League PAC chairman and a current VCDL Executive Member, GOA Life Member, NRA Life Member, and a VSSA Life Member.  The views expressed by the author are his own and do not represent any organization’s official position.