In which we agree with Michele Bachmann

Speaking at CPAC this week, Former Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann said with regard to the White House Movie Room:

“I don’t mean to be petty here, but can’t they just push the play button?”

The White House has a full-time movie projectionist in the 40 seat White House theater. They’re there 24-hours a day in case someone wants to watch a movie.

In my house, that’s why we have a 13-year-old.

Now, I know that the Obama’s didn’t start this. The White House Theater has been in place for a long time.

But in an atmosphere where the President has been talking about all the horrible things the Sequester would do, from taking food from children to defuning the military, Bachmann’s quip just underscores the fact that the Sequester cuts are just another political football.

The cuts were selected where they would get the most attention, where they would hurt the most.

And where the President could talk the most about those mean-spirited Republicans who don’t want to raise taxes.

I’m normally not a fan, but with all the bluster from the White House about how the Sequester would eat our children, Bachmann nailed it.