• Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, Rand Paul: The joke used to be that the United States Senate was a “country club” of older gentlemen that cherished the status quo. A seismic shift has started to occur with the injection of these four constitutional conservatives into a stagnant Upper Chamber the last two years. Despite Senator McCain’s dour pronouncement, I personally found Rand Paul’s filibuster to be electric and has energized the GOP after a long winter.

• Speaking of electric Senators, as an American of Cuban descent, I couldn’t be more proud of Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Cuban-Americans have always had a unique appreciation for both the greatness of the American Dream and a wariness of utopian promises that comes from big government. Something about your family losing their liberties in the name of “socialist equality” will do that to you.

• Is it just coincidence that President Obama starts a “charm” offensive with Senate and House Republicans immediately after his approval rating starts to dip south of 50?

• History Channel’s “The Bible” was the #1 rated show on Sunday evening. Not on cable television…. on all of tv. It is a bit amusing that while Hollywood’s #1 goal is clearly to make money (Die Hard 5? really?), it still hasn’t grasped that there is an enormous untapped market for quality faith-based films that don’t ridicule the beliefs of millions of Americans. Why Hollywood still hasn’t made a “Braveheart”-style epic story on King David, I have no idea.

• “The Law” by classical liberal theorist Frederic Bastiat – go read it now.

• For the first time in four years, Senate Democrats have finally released budget, even though it is required by law. This lack of leadership is manifested in Majority Leader Harry Reid, who has essentially declared every Republican budget “dead on arrival” while never even bothering to produce one of his own. There is no doubt that if the tables were reversed, and a Republican-controlled Senate hadn’t produced a budget in over 48 months, the lead off on each nightly broadcast of MSNBC would be “….. obstinate, right-wing Republicans once again are failing the American people, with over 1,475 days and counting since they even bothered to produce a budget…..”

• The wall to wall coverage of the opening of NFL’s free agency just further confirms that football is king in America. I’m always shocked at some of the players that get let go or traded. Vikings will rue trading Percy Harvin.

• Spring is coming to the Old Dominion and it can’t get here quick enough.

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