A Little Schoolhouse Rock for Charniele Herring

As if they weren’t already embarassed enough when their gubernatorial Candidate Terry McAuliffe was stumped when asked a question about the Governor’s cabinet, now Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Charniele Herring is heard in a robo-call attacking Ken Cuccinelli over the recently passed transportation bill. [Virginian-Pilot]

“How can Ken Cuccinelli ask for our votes if he won’t even commit to protecting transportation funding?” adds Herring, a Democratic state delegate from Alexandria. “We need a governor who will fix transportation, not more of Cuccinelli’s extreme ideological gridlock.”

Cuccinelli’s spokeswoman Anna Nix responded:

“This week it was reaffirmed Terry McAuliffe — who is quoted as saying he knows nothing about issues and or how to get a bill through Congress — also doesn’t know anything about the Virginia Governor’s office,” she said. “Today, we learned the Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Virginia is equally as clueless about how a bill becomes a law. Perhaps McAuliffe and Charniele Herring can arrange a private screening of Schoolhouse Rock to understand that the legislation isn’t final until the governor signs the bill.”

When reached for a statement, the McAuliffe campaign asked, “What cabinet do they keep the bills in?”

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