The Score this week: crawling from the tax hike wreckage*

On this podcast edition of “The Score” radio show…

Scott Lee turns the (less awesome) mic over to me while he’s out of town and I use it to sift through the rubble of the General Assembly session. Shaun Kenney and I talk about the political fallout — what’s does passing a big tax hike mean for the future of folks like Bob McDonnell? — while Del. Ben Cline, House chairman of the Conservative Caucus, talk about the more immediate effects. Cline, you may recall, voted against the transportation bill and was one of only two House members (the other being Del. Bob Marshall) to speak against the bill. Del. Cline and I also delve into the Medicaid compromise that helped grease the skids for the transportation bill with Senate Democrats.

And keeping with the show’s theme, I also talk with GOP lieutenant governor candidate E.W. Jackson, who is displeased (to say the least) with both the tax hike and the Medicaid agreement.

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*And kudos to you if you got the Dave Edmunds reference in the headline…

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