Rigell on the sequester: “reckless” and “unacceptable”

I had the opportunity to speak with Rep. Scott Rigell Tuesday evening about his meeting with President Obama, where they discussed the pending federal sequester and what might be done to avoid the cuts that could have a widespread effect on Rigell’s defense-dependent district. It’s clear that Mr. Obama has no specifics — and for that matter, no alternative to the automatic cuts (nevermind addressing the fundamental driver of federal spending: entitlements). Rigell called their discussion “spirited.”

We get a look inside the President’s “Washington monument” strategy, talk about what Rigell would like to see in the way of spending reduction, the reaction his district has toward his stance on the sequester, and the political price he is willing to pay with his caucus and voters in order to secure a long-term deal that actually cuts federal spending.

Read more reaction and information about the president’s visit to Newport News.

  • Rep. Rigell mentioned during the interview the absence of a specific plan by the president. For those interested, here is what the president has offered: http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2013/02/21/balanced-plan-avert-sequester-and-reduce-deficit

  • pinecone321

    Scott Rigell is on record saying that he supports Obama’s “balanced approach” to the sequester. He agreed that tax increases should be a part of the squester negotiations. Obama rejected the deal that Boehner was willing to provide in the fiscal cliff negotiations, where Boehner was willing to go along with closing the tax loops holes in order to gain more federal revenue. Rather we got tax increases on the evil horrible rich by increasing the tax rates on all earning more than $400,000. Now Obama is coming back to the trough, and claiming that the Republicans did agree to those loop holes being closed, and is coming back for another bite at the tax increase apple, even after he went for the bigger bite the first time around.

    Obama has been running around the country fear mongering about how the sky will fall if he doesn’t get his tax increases, and the sequestration moves forward. Even if the Republicans gave him his tax increases by closing loopholes, what domestic and/or defense cuts is he going to cancel out? Is he going to cancel all the cuts, and get tax increases only? Does anyone believe that Obama would only cancel the defense cuts, and allow the domestic cuts to stand. That doesn’t even pass the smell test.

    What exactly is Rigell supporting? or does he even know. Is he all out for tax increases, and no spending cuts just so his district isn’t affected by the cuts? They don’t call the Republican party the stupid party for nothing.

  • Tim J

    Did Rigell pick up some Armageddon talking points from the President during their meeting? He is getting very defensive on Twitter about his statements on the sequester and gun control.

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