VaPilot: Republican LG Candidates Blast Transportation Tax Plan

Will no one adopt this dog?

Fiscal conservatives are hopping mad that many Virginia Republicans supported a compromise $3.5 billion road funding bill and several who are running for statewide office this year are trying to score political points off that outrage.

Snyder, Stimpson, Martin, Jackson, Stewart, and Lingamfelter all blast the deal, with Snyder actually taking out ads to campaign against it.

McDonnell can, of course, veto his own bill.  Anyone want to guess as to whether or not this will actually happen?

  • Not likely, but it is so far removed from his original that he might.

    • Contact a proctologist who specializes in primate extraction if you believe that, Bunkie. Here’s McD’s own statement on it…

      “I can’t
      thank you enough for your support of this bill and our Administration.
      Today’s vote will make our economy stronger, and Virginia an even better
      place to call home. Thank you, so much, for everything that you do for
      this great Commonwealth.”

      Sounds like an imminent veto there, eh?

  • pinecone321

    Will McDonnell veto the bill? Not a chance since it appears he knew exactly what was in the plan that came out of the committee before he agreed to the medicaid expansion in order to get the Democrats votes.

  • TerryTom

    There is already rampant speculation that, at the very least, the $100 fee for Alternative Fuel Vehicles will be removed….would certainly be a start.

    • EricMcGrane

      lol…talk about the most benign and “non-impactful” part of the entire bill. So sad.

      • TerryTom

        As I said, it’s a start. Doubt it’s the only thing that gets removed and/or changed.

  • If any of these 73 candidates had actually been in office presiding over the Senate when this vote was was taken, the result would have still been 25-15.

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