CAPTION CONTEST! McDonnell Gets The News on the Senate Transportation Tax Hike Vote

Have fun, ladies and gentlemen…

(h/t to Bolling CoS Randy Marcus)

  • Tom Dykers

  • Tim J

    Maybe the Governor’s office is a lot more “oval” than in looks in the pic…

  • Celebrating being an “f***ing” liar. (and yes that piece of profanity would be quoting the governor.)

  • xrepub

    Governor and staff reacting to Bolling and McAuliffe’s first kiss. Not pictured, teary eyed Howell sitting on Saslaw’s lap with nods of approval, ABC provided liquor spilled on carpet.

  • pinecone321

    I just screwed the (p)cooch!

  • Goldwater Conservative

    I’m the number one RINO Gov now!

  • We get to go to the Democrat celebration event now….those guys know how to party like rock stars!!

  • Lovettsville Lady

    This song is playing in the background,

  • Lovettsville Lady

    Oh, Oh, Oh, I really did it! I screwed the people of Virginia and put a stake through my political future!

  • Well.. its looking like Bob is making a run for 2017 potus..

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  • J. Christopher Stearns

    “Move out of the way, Tucker – and don’t get so damn excited! We could lose a crucial vote on the House floor!!

    “After all, just because Morrissey is trigger-happy for other tax hikes, that doesn’t mean he will bite the bullet when the pork hits the parkway…”

    While this photo was taken during the Senate vote, I couldn’t resist – especially with Master-Blaster Morrissey standing in opposition to the bill.

  • Dave Webster

    Booo! Whoops! I mean Yeahh!!

  • Tim J

    “Hey Rinos listen up… we just bitch-slapped
    Cuccinelli, Bolling is getting Romney PAC money to split the vote and McAuliffe
    has promised Bolling and the rest of us Golden Parachutes to get out of here!”

  • Joseph Taylor

    “They actually passed it?!?!? I just meant it as a joke!”

  • Fletch F Fletch

    Quin Fucking Blanding!

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