25-15: Historic transportation bill passes Virginia Senate

“There is a ‘Virginia Way’ of cooperation and problem solving, and we saw it work again today in Richmond. A historic day in Virginia.”
Governor Bob McDonnell (R-VA)
February 23, 2013

Virginia’s landmark bipartisan transportation bill passed the Virginia State Senate in a vote of 25-15 on Saturday afternoon. On Friday it had passed the House by a vote of 60-40.

Tucker Martin, communications director for Governor Bob McDonnell, tweeted after the vote, “Worked for for 7+ years. An honor — never more so than today. Brought Virginians together to fix transportation. RIC is not DC.”

Tucker’s assessment: “Transportation passes w votes of 43 Republicans and 42 Democrats. Gets over 60 percent in each house. That’s bipartisan as it gets.”

The Governor took to Twitter, too, noting, “We have worked together across party lines to find common ground & pass the 1st sustainable long-term transportation funding plan in 27 yrs.”

Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling, who had joined the Governor in supporting the bill, tweeted afterward, “I commend members of the Senate & House for coming together to forge a historic transportation agreement.”

From House Speaker Bill Howell, “This is a truly historic moment for Virginia. We have passed a bipartisan funding plan that will address VA’s transportation needs.”

An eleventh-hour ruling by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli threatened to derail the legislation that had been supported by McDonnell and Bolling. Early Saturday, however, legislators said they felt they had language in place to cover any questions to the bill.

Throughout it all, McDonnell was a voice of reason in his leadership while working through the transportation issue that had been put on the back burner in the Commonwealth for 30 years.

The bill now goes to the Governor’s desk.

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  • pinecone321

    Hahahaha. The “Virginia Way” means ask the Democrats what all they want, and then give it to them, while the Republicans get absolutely nothing in return. It’s like Obama telling Boehner that he gets nothing for the tax hikes he put on the table, they were freebies for der leader.

    Bipartisan doesn’t mean a thing when you have liberal Republicans, dressed as wolves in sheeps clothing, voting as liberals to make it appear all is hunky dory. Reminds me of McCain, co-sponsoring a bill with his good friend Ted Kennedy, to push the socialist agenda.

  • pinecone321

    You’re right Lynn, the bill is historic. It is the largest tax hike in Virginia’s history. That’s not the kind of historic the Republican party should be proud of.

  • EricMcGrane

    Republicans have just plunged a knife into the backs of VA conservatives.

    And Governor McDonnell has proved himself to be a liar and fraud when
    he said in 2009 that he would veto tax increases to fund transportation.
    Hide your wallets Virginians….the republicans are coming!

  • Anyone got the names of the GOP traitors?

    • Working on it. Won’t take long.

      • Hop to it! I got some holy hell to raise. The revolution starts now!

        • Sorry, Ms. Crabill. Your ship has already sailed.

  • Darrell

    Faith is such a fragile thing, isn’t it? Puts a whole new perspective on that whole Big Tent thing. Can’t wait for RPV’s Mullins to paint this as a major victory for Republican Ideals. There’s two HR mayors that must be tinkling down their legs in excitement.

  • Goldwater Conservative

    Standby for the RINOs to now go after more of our money by putting tolls on the new roads.

    • Lovettsville Lady

      There won’t be any new roads. There are no new roads proposed. The money goes to subways for the 1% of Virginians who will EVER ride a subway and the road money goes to repair and maintenance. I wish it weren’t so, but it is.

  • Lovettsville Lady

    Lynn, you are in a decidedly small minority of republicans who support this travesty. I am sorry to see you on the wrong side of this very historic tax increase that will harm every family in the Commonwealth.

  • appalachian

    McDonnell’s political career is finished! He’ll never again have conservative support because he was willing to raise taxes on the poor to support the road builders in Northern Virginia.
    Maybe the road builders have a job waiting for him when he leaves office.

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