McDonnell Predicts Transportation Victory

By John Fredericks

Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) is about to embark on a legacy-enduring journey where no other Virginia governor has gone for nearly three decades.

He’ll soon sign into law new landmark transportation reform legislation that firmly addresses the Commonwealth’s quarter-center old ongoing crumbling infrastructure and transportation debacle.

Appearing on the syndicated John Fredericks Radio Show today, the governor boldly predicted the milepost bi-partisan compromise bill drafted by House and Senate conferees earlier in the week will pass both chambers either Friday or Saturday, the last official day of the short 2013 Virginia General Assembly session.

McDonnell said he reserves the right to further study the bill’s final language — which he said was not made available to his office until late Thursday night – and may decide to make executive amendments, which is his right under Virginia law.

The Commonwealth’s chief executive, an often-mentioned 2016 Presidential contender, says the bill is not perfect, but it’s necessary for Virginia to be revitalized as the job creation magnet it once was, and to improve the quality of life of those who live in the highly congested corridors. “I’ve encouraged everyone to support this bill,” he stated.

McDonnell proposed a bantam transportation reform plan of his own when the General Assembly convened in January. “I did not get everything I wanted in the final bill,” McDonnell said, “but no one did…that’s called compromise.”

The conservative governor, elected by a landslide in 2009, said he told the General Assembly they couldn’t leave Richmond until they got a transportation bill done when they first hit town. “We’ve waited long enough,” he said. “Now we must act.”

When asked if he was concerned that Va. Attorney General and presumptive GOP nominee for governor in 2013 Ken Cuccinelli was not on board with the compromise, McDonnell said he was disappointed, but not surprised. “He only had a draft version of the bill and spreadsheets, but not the full language,” the governor said. McDonnell hinted that Cuccinelli’s ultimate view of the bill might evolve over time.

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