Look who is suddenly interested in policy

Picking up on Shaun’s post about Terry McAuliffe working the phones to get support behind the transportation bill…

McAuliffe came out swinging when Ken Cuccinelli announced his opposition to the bill, saying that Cuccinelli was out “…to undermine this mainstream proposal [and] reflects his unique unwillingness to compromise under any circumstances. Once again, Ken Cuccinelli has demonstrated that his ideological agenda is outside even the Republican mainstream.”
Putting aside notions that this bipartisan tax hike bears any resemblance to a body of water, it is interesting to see McAulliffe take such a sudden interest in policy matters.

Historically, policy has not been his strong suit, and McAuliffe admits as much in his book. Back in 1999, McAuliffe was quoted in a New York Times story as saying:

“Mr. McAuliffe says he uses his influence to get people together with Mr. Clinton or to recommend them for presidential appointments, but he never discusses substantive issues with the president or lobbies him. ‘I stay away from issues,’ he said.”

In other words, he was a fixer, not a wonk. But it gets even better. In a 1999 interview out of the Orlando Sentinel, we learn this about the man who is suddenly so keen on working the phones for tax increases:

“‘What could he do for me?’ McAuliffe asked in a recent interview about Clinton, suggesting he has everything he needs. He said he does not lobby the president and knows little about legislation. ‘I don’t know how to get a bill through Congress,’ he said. ‘I couldn’t name you 20 members.’”

Granted, this was a long time ago — long before Terry decided he wanted to run for Governor of Virginia (or was it Florida. Maybe it was New York?).

But we are somewhat pleased to see that Clinton’s old bag man has not lost his schmoozing skills and was able to put them to possibly their first-ever use on a bit of policy.

Regrettably it was for a huge tax hike.

  • pinecone321

    The lack of comments today by the Republicans, the day when this is all being decided, should act as a blaring screaming horn that has the Republicans, who came out in support for the McBollinelli ticket, are now likely stunned that this R administration could or would go there. McDonnell and the Republicans in the legislature have to know that if this finally passes, they have more than cut the legs off the Cuccinelli campaign. Yeah, McDonnell says he supports Cuccinelli, but there is every bit of evidence that that is not the case at all. McDonnell apparently knows that this plan will give the election to McAuliffe. Did he give in to the liberals with their medicaid expansion demand, just to pass his demented bill?

    I cannot tell you how totally disheartened I am right now in all of the Republicans in VA. Even though I have heard all the claims that liberals were going to infiltrate the Republican party, I would never ever have believed that to be true with the McBollingelli ticket in the last election. Boy was I fooled, and a sucker.

    I read an article about Cuccinelli today, on another site, and a poster wished Cuccinelli luck, but she said her and her husband are outta here, starting with the treachery of Bill Bolling. My husband has been on the phone with some potential employers in states that offer much redder pastures, so to speak. I have no confidence in the Republicans in VA any longer. Fool me once and all that. There really are some states that are really fighting the Democrats, and there is more of a chance when you vote for a Republican, you know they will vote as a Republican. We are living in some dangerous times, and I would at least like to live somewhere where the so-called Republican governor doesn’t highly support drones above the state, which is another treachery by Gov. McDonnell.

  • Jersey Girl

    Virginia has been purple since the asteroid hit and wiped out the dinosaur. To those people who would leave for “redder” pastures I would ask – Why not stay and work to support real conservatives? This is politics and it gets messy sometimes but that’s no reason to tuck tail and run. This is also Virginia and we have some excellent public servants out there fighting for us.

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