House passes transportation bill 60-40

The House of Delegates has approved, 60-40, the transportation bill hammered out in conference committee.

The yeas and nays broke down like this (click on the image to enlarge it):

What made the difference? It was, very likely, a deal reached to expand Medicaid coverage under Obamacare. This gave just enough Democrats cover to vote for the transportation bill, which is now before the Senate.

Those with long enough memories will recall that during Tim Kaine’s term as Governor, Republicans fought him at every turn when he tried to raise taxes for transportation — even thwarting him during a special session called specifically to deal with road funding.

Congratulations, then, to Sen. Kaine. Your legacy moment comes a bit late, but the GOP finally gave you what you sought for so long.

  • Republicans who just asked for a primary.
    Del. David
    B. Albo
    Del. John
    A. Cosgrove
    Del. M.
    Kirkland “Kirk” Cox
    Del. Mark
    L. Dudenhefer
    James E. Edmunds II
    Thomas A. “Tag” Greason
    Christopher T. “Chris” Head
    Gordon C. Helsel, Jr.
    Del. Keith
    M. Hodges
    William J. “Bill” Howell
    Salvatore R. “Sal” Iaquinto
    Riley E. Ingram
    Del. S.
    Chris Jones
    Del. Terry
    G. Kilgore
    Barry D. Knight
    Del. James
    M. “Jim” LeMunyon
    Del. G.
    Manoli Loupassi
    Daniel W. “Danny” Marshall, III
    Del. Joe T.
    Donald W. “Don” Merricks
    Del. J.
    Randall “Randy” Minchew
    Richard L. “Rick” Morris
    John M. O’Bannon, III
    Robert D. “Bobby” Orrock, Sr.
    Charles D. Poindexter
    Harry R. “Bob” Purkey
    Del. Thomas
    Davis “Tom” Rust
    Edward T. “Ed” Scott
    Beverly J. Sherwood
    Christopher P. “Chris” Stolle
    Ron A. Villanueva
    Michael B. “Mike” Watson
    Del. David
    E. Yancey
    Joseph R. “Joe” Yost

    • They should all be primaried every time regardless. Challenge all elected officials, makes them all more accountable.

    • Republicans on your list that will get a primary: Zero.

      • I already know one will, and I know people are contemplating it for others.

  • Loudoun GOP Sucks

    Nice to see that the Loudoun GOP delegation is firmly behind the legislation, just further proof that everyone in Loundoun has their head up their ass, swiveled and locked.

  • johnjaylives

    This is really hard to believe from a political perspective. Forget policy….sure there are some merits and demerits. If you believe Bacon, there are many more demerits. But in fairness, there are a few elements that some would argue are positive from a policy perspective.

    BUT…from a political angle, you nail it. This is basically what the House GOP Caucus fought the entire time that Tim Kaine was in office. To see them turn like this is really something to behold.

    Obama may well go down as one of the political masters in American history. He is truly breaking the GOP’s anti-tax stance at the federal, state, and local levels. And no matter what anyone wants to tell you, taxes have been a potent issue for Republicans for years. I’m skeptical that Cuccinelli really benefits from opposing this. The reality is that the Republican brand is damaged on the tax issue. How many independent and libertarian voters are going to believe a Republican about taxes? Not many, no matter how “conservative” their record is in the past.

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