Oh Bill…

You gotta love lines such as these from Lt. Governor Bill Bolling:

Until three months ago, when he dropped out of the race to become the Republican nominee for governor, Virginia Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling had to keep mum about his unhappiness with the GOP’s shift to the right.

He couldn’t say, as he did in an interview here Tuesday, that he thought the Republicans had become so extreme that they were alienating voters and blocking the commonwealth’s progress.

“Frankly, it has been a rather liberating experience,” Bolling said. “I have enjoyed the last three months .?.?. more than I did the prior several years.”

You mean when you govern by principles and don’t worry about polls, you feel a little bit more… genuine?

…now you know the secret as to why Virginians love Ken Cuccinelli.

  • I’m sorry, but this is in poor taste. Just because he isn’t running as a Republican for governor and chooses not to support Ken, which a lot of Virginia Republicans do not, does not make him less of a Republican than you or I, and he’s still the Republican Lt. Governor. The first person who thinks that they’re the perfect Republican can cast the first stone.

    • Bolling finds out that not worrying about polls makes you a better public official. Guys like Cuccinelli and Marshall have known this for years and years… it has been a constant drumbeat for conservatives within the party.

      Glad Bolling has discovered the essence so late in his career — even if he has turned his back on his 16 year career in public service as a conservative. I’m still shocked he is doing that… but folks are free to change their minds.

      • Shaun, how is he turning his back on his career?While he may be turning his back on Ken and on the party that turned it’s back on him,his career speaks for itself.

        • George from Cleveland

          He had the chance to run for other offices (Senate), where IMO he would have been a far better candidate than Mr. Macaca. He thought he was entitled to the nomination for governor, and forgot that the right is not the party of entitlements.

        • EricMcGrane

          How did the party turn its back on Bolling when he simply GAVE UP and decided not to run? Boo friggin hoo.

          It was HIS CHOICE to leave the race. Duh.

      • So far, he hasn’t done anything other than withdraw from the nomination mess and state that he doesn’t support Ken. As for his being liberated, it’s because he’s stopped worrying over what everything he does and says is going to come back as. We all do it. We sit and worry over whether or not we should speak what we actually think, to keep from angering someone else and catching the daggers in our backs. Heck, I started this year with the intention of getting out of politics, much for that very same reason. It’s mean, and it’s ugly anymore, not that it wasn’t mean already. But instead, I’ve found myself worrying much less about what someone else thinks and have started saying exactly what I want, without fear of reprisal. Good for Bill if he has chosen not to live that way any longer. There’s so much wasted air out there right now in the Republican and Conservative causes. We’ve become a nuthouse run amok, and it’s just getting worse.

        • Lynn,
          I agree with your sentiment. Creating an environment here where we can agree to disagree, but do so agreeably, is what we’d like to have on BD. Unfortunately, we have many who just immediately launch into personal arguments. Like calling another’s thoughts “delusional” or saying someone has “egg on their face” for this reason or that. Is this hurtful? No. But the moment anything goes personal is the moment things devolve. Thanks for remaining engaged and I can always appreciate a person who speaks their mind boldly. Conservatives, understandably, have differing views on how far to compromise with the left. That’s a debate worth having and should continue.

          • pinecone321

            Good to know that the Political Correct police have a problem with saying that a politician has egg on their face is so uncivil, and so destructive and damaging to the Republicans. Who knew that was included in the GOP book of Politically correct speak. I’ll have to try to find a copy of that manual.

          • Better yet, use your own name and stand up for what you believe instead of hiding behind a keyboard. My only point is that let’s keep our comments focused on the issues and treat each other with civility. Is that such a terrible idea?

          • pinecone321

            Again, saying that some politician has egg on their face is uncivil?

            You want me to use my own name to show that I am real, and not cowardly? Oh, I know that I am likely already on Nappy’s list, oh sorry, the DHS Secy. Napolitano’s list of terrorists. If you don’t take the invasion of privacy seriously, I do. So, if you say that a particular politician wasn’t honest in his campaign positions, and you say that that politician should have egg on their face, that is not sticking to the issues, and that that is uncivil? Sorry but I disagree.

          • It really doesn’t matter what is said – once the argument is towards the person and not the policy, the policy discussion tends to fade away. Thanks for commenting.

          • Lynn R. Mitchell

            “Use your own name.” Couldn’t agree more….

        • And he still caught the daggers in his back.

        • EricMcGrane

          “nuthouse run amok”…..why? Cuz Ken is the nominee?


    • George from Cleveland

      One who is (likely) not running as a Republican…is somehow still a Republican?

      Bolling, just another bitter Charlie Crist

      • He hasn’t announced anything. And yes, he is still a Republican – and our Republican Lt. Governor.

        • EricMcGrane

          Bolling could end the speculation with a single press release. Instead, he *chooses* to sow the seeds of discord.


          He’s a terrible republican.

    • he now supports the expansion of Medicaid (something that could bankrupt the state) and many other issues opposed by Republicans….the meeting with MacAuliffe is quite telling as well

  • HOPE

    Since when does a “Republican” openly denounce and attack the Republican nominee for governor?

    Bill Bolling is not just attacking Ken Cuccinelli, he is making it much harder for every single Republican on the ballot to get elected in November, including many of his fellow RINOs. He is doing everything he can to rip the Republican party to shreds.

    Bill Bolling has no loyalty to anyone but Bill Bolling. He wanted a cake walk to the nomination. When he didn’t get it, he picked up his toys and stomped home. Cuccinelli did not BEAT Bill Bolling for the Republican nomination. He GAVE UP! He refused to even TRY for the nomination. Pathetic.

    It seems he received no training as a child in how NOT to be a poor sport. He is a traitor to the Republican party.

  • I find this talk about the Virginia Republican Party becoming too conservative for Bolling absolutely laughable.

    Bolling is well aware that media types–and even some Republicans–buy this allegation hook, line, and sinker because the party has been “infiltrated” by “extremist newcomers” from the tea party. But what this boils down to is not any real policy disagreements, but divergent styles of politics. It’s a personality clash. The old school (and the liberals and the press, but I repeat myself) thinks its fine to hold mainstream conservative views, but if you start acting like you actually believe them, or speak about them in strident tones, you have somehow transformed into an extremist.

    Hogwash. Bolling has been a proud conservative and aligned with at least 90% of the party on all the important issues. (Indeed, it bears repeating that Cuccinelli and Bolling had nearly identical voting records when both served in the Senate). He brings great discredit to himself in talking about he now feels “liberated,” suggesting that rather than being a principled leader he was instead a craven opportunist pandering for votes. This is nothing but the whining of a quitter who backed away from a fight and now wants people to believe his lack of resolve was actually some sort of brave act of principle. Maybe Bolling has convinced himself this is true, and if so I hope it brings him comfort. But the rest of us aren’t buying it.

    If Bolling ever actually believed the things he fought for throughout his political career, he would understand that the good of the Commonwealth requires that he retire with the dignity befitting an elder statesman, rather than taking one last vanity tour the sole practical effect of which would be to elect a liberal Democrat.

  • What would Bolling say if he were the GOP nominee and Cuccinelli ran an independent campaign against him?

    I’m guessing it wouldn’t be a hair as gentlemanly as Cuccinelli is handing the present situation.

    • George from Cleveland

      Know anything about UK politics, look up what David Cameron said about UKIP.

      Bolling would say largely the same thing.

    • EricMcGrane

      EXACTLY Alexis. Well damn said.

  • I compiled absolute proof about Bill Bolling’s personal intervention into the primary ballot fiasco…..we all knew that something smelled a little fishy but in Jan 2012, I began to document everything I had access to (news reports, emails, etc) to prove that the premonition was more than just a conspiracy theory…it was a fact!! I tried to contact reporters to share my findings at the time but never received a response. The media in Hampton Roads (I live in Va Beach) is run by liberals- from the useless newspaper to the local news channels. If anyone is interested in checking it out (if for no other reason, to prove me to be wrong) please let me know!! I’d be more than happy to share what I’ve compiled and have it judged on the merits. Contact me at rebeccarandolph.27@gmail.com!! I also find it peculiar that Bolling met with MacCulliffe in Richmond last month to “discuss the issues that are important to Virginians” when the Lt Gov hasn’t made any appearances in this area that I can recall in recent memory. We’re about to get hit a lot harder by sequestration than most people outside of the region realize, yet we have no Senators representing our interests in DC…..Warner is concerned about long lines at the airport while economists from across the spectrum fear that we’ll plunge into a depression!!

    • I almost forgot to add that when I went to Bolling’s facebook page to ask him whether the accusations regarding the primary ballot were justified, rather than respond to my concern, he blocked me from his page…..guess I hit a nerve!!

  • Pam Brown

    Ken Cuccinelli has big problems in his own camp and he is not addressing them.

    Lynn Fairchild-Martin is correct.

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