RedState: Pete Snyder Is The Real Deal

After bagging the tacit endorsement of conservative commentator and RedState editor Erick Erickson, it would appear as if RedState itself is circling the wagons around Pete Snyder for Lieutenant Governor:

Pete is the real deal—and he’s proving it every day by running a campaign that is challenging the status quo. In the past few weeks, Snyder, a former college wrestler, showed that he’s unafraid to call the political class and career politicians out on the mat for their failures. Snyder took Virginia’s liberal Senate Democrat Leader to task for holding citizens hostage to insider political games. (Angered at being outmaneuvered by Senate Republicans, the top Senate Dem declared that he would retaliate by blocking critical work during the current legislative session). Snyder’s leadership earned him the ire of Richmond liberals, who angrily attacked him as “some nut job.”

The Virginian-Pilot correctly notes that Snyder’s show of leadership is “a score” for his campaign, demonstrating “to the Senate Republican Caucus he hopes to preside over next year that he’ll give them political cover when needed.” In other words, Snyder is going to stand strong on his common sense principles, and help others in Richmond do the same—and that is precisely what Virginia (not to mention every state in our country) needs right now. We agree with Erick and believe strongly that Pete is the best candidate to run alongside and complement Cuccinelli.

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One thing stands out — it would appear as if Snyder’s tussle with Democratic State Senator Dick Saslaw did not go unnoticed by the movers and shakers in Washington looking for the best candidate to assist the Cuccinelli ticket.  Excellent move on the chessboard.

The RedState commentary of course comes from Brian Baker, president of Ending Spending and a group that is decidedly behind the Snyder effort, a fact that dissenters will notably latch onto and they try to blunt undeniable momentum.

Still, the full court press for Snyder has begun… with Tea Party national leadership chiming in very early for their practical favorite.  Given the lay of the land, this leaves Snyder and Stewart neck-and-neck, with Lingamfelter close behind and JMDD a distant fourth, if fundraising is any metric.

  • Loudoun GOPer

    I’m sorry. I just can’t get excited about a race for a job that does nothing. Other than breaking the occasional tie (and Bolling even neutured that power when he declared that he won’t vote on important things like the budget), the LG is nothing more than a pretty face. It’s not even a springboard for higher office (again, ask Bolling about that one).
    For the life of me, I can’t figure out why there are so many candidates running for the most useless job in Virginia.

    • Simple reason: big title with absolutely zero pre-qualifications. It’s like a jumbo mortgage in 2004… lots of reward, no responsibilities, and anyone can apply.

      • Jumbo mortgage from ’04!! LOL!! That is too funny!!

      • pinecone321

        So why don’t they just put an ad in the help wanted section, VA Lt. Gov. Wanted- Seeking Republican version of Joe Biden. Faux Paus not disqualifying. Preference will be given to those with Lt. Gov. experience. (Equa)l Opportunity Employer. Apply within.

    • I think it’s the idea that someone COULD finally make something out of it–plus I think one or two of them must view Obenshain and Bell as beatable if they went toe to toe with them for the Guv nod ’17. Fundamentally, though, the GOP has not nominated an incumbent LG since John Dalton in 1977. Now, to be sure, between 1981 and 1993 the GOP did not hold either slot. In 1993 it picked up only the AG slot. Even in 1985, the AG nomination went to the ’81 AG nominee, and in ’89 it was a comeback for ’81 Guv nominee J. Marshall Coleman. But yeah, Earley took care of Hager in ’01 and Bolling couldn’t take the pressure in ’09 and ’13. It could, COULD be done, with a weak AG (or, for that matter, if we manage to lose the AG’s race, but we’re on a roll there) and a candidate free of having to have any other source of income (anybody come to mind?), but still, the LG starts as the underdog, as the LG will have a real record and generally a closer tie to the grassroots. I think what some of these guys are sensing is the chance to set up one of their own for ’17, but time shall tell…..

  • “Tea Party national leadership chiming in very early for their practical favorite”.. Which Tea Party organization?

  • pinecone321

    The Redstate website used to be very different in the past. That was before Erickson took a job with CNN. The overall sentiment of the old timers there was that he all but went to Washington, and Washington changed him. I don’t think there is one person still commenting on Redstate from the past days. One thing they did that was positive was to ban the Ron Paul die hards, as did many other sites. Debate shuts down very quickly when you are attacked for not walking in lockstep with those at the meet-ups.

    I don’t know if many remember Erickson’s endorsement of Jamie Radtke, very early in the campaign season, long before he knew anything about Radtke, or what kind of candidate she would be. After the disastrous stint at the Redstate gathering, and with the release of an Erickson email where he stated that he had to walk carefully because his bosses were big Allen supporters, it left Erickson with a lot of egg on his face, as it should have.

    It seems to me that many judge a candidate by how much money he can raise. I understand that candidates that get much in donations show a strong support from the voters. The problem with Snyder is that the bigger majority of his donations are coming from those who are out of state. Why would a resident of Fla. for example, donate to someone running for the VA Lt Gov. seat, which only affects those living in VA. Maybe all those people have business interests here? In any case, the VA voters should be nominating the candidate that most closely fits their political ideology, or has a proven record in working in areas that interest the voter. It’s kinda funny that the masses are screaming about Karl Rove’s shenanigans because he is viewed as a party elitist, and he only supports candidates that haven “proven electability.” Yet it seems that some of those same types are coming out in support of Snyder based on his ability to collect money. Aren’t we yelling about that very same thing with McAuliffe? Hasn’t it been said that all he has going for him is that he was a fundraiser for the DNC, and the Clinton’s. What does Snyder have going for him as to experience and a winning record? his work for the Romney campaign? Hasn’t Cuccinelli proven that a candidate can win even if they are not the biggest fundraisers?

    My personal experience during the Romney campaign was dismal. I talked face to face with my local GOP leader, gave him every bit of info for him to call me to do whatever I could to help Romney beat Obama. I made the mistake of mentioning that I was excited to see Cuccinelli running for the Gov. seat. No word of a lie, the guy turned and walked away from my husband and I, and we never heard another word from him again. I called the Romney Victory offices in two different locations, and asked what my husband and I could do, and again they took our information, and we never heard another thing. We couldn’t even get yard signs for Romney and Allen. The only help we got was from someone in Cuccinelli’s office who is very helpful. Even begging to help with the Romney campaign, the help was just not needed, even though getting out the vote was critical. I promise we shower every day, do not have four heads each, do not have diseases, and we speak english. That is my opinion of how badly the Romney campaign was run in VA., and I know for a fact that we are not alone with those thoughts. For those reasons, and Snyder’s out of state money, I could not support him. Who will he owe what to?

    • The RedState community has grown into a very different monster from its early days — I think you hit the nail right on the head here.

    • Florida is an easy state to explain. They’re Virginians who use their winter residence in Florida as their primary address. Florida has no income tax.

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